The Greenfield Police Department has released the following information:

May 2


The police department received a call from the resident in the 400 block of McClain stating he thought someone tried to break into his truck because his door was bent and he wanted to speak with an officer. An investigation is pending.

A caller advised she observed a young white male with a man bun, Bluetooth speaker, and gray hoodie, painting street signs. An investigation is pending.

May 23


Dorothy Winland, 87, of Greenfield, was issued a citation for a marked lanes violation.

Austin Gilroy, 29, of Greenfield, was arrested for violation of court orders.

Cody Miller, 24, of Greenfield, was arrested for two cunts of assault and domestic violence.


A caller in 100 block of Lafayette Street stated there was a pit bull trying to attack her and her daughter every time they come out of their house. The dog warden was contacted.

May 25


Jean Ann Jones, 35, of Greenfield, arrested for domestic violence.

Brandi Curtis, 28, of Chillicothe, was arrested on a failure to appear warrant from the Chillicothe Police Department.

Zach McGraw, 23, of South Salem, was arrested on a warrant for a violation of court orders.

May 26


A caller advised that at a new house on the street, with a for sale sign on it, the front door was standing wide open.

May 27


A caller in the 500 block of Pine stated they believed someone was messing around on their porch, but they couldn’t see anybody. They further stated they called their neighbor and she thought she heard someone on her porch too. Officers spoke with the caller and she advised it was her kids she forgot were staying with their neighbor.

May 28


A caller stated there was an elderly gentlemen wearing a ball cap and big headphones walking down the street who looked like he was confused and tried to walk onto the porch of the vacant house beside hers and then started walking up Sixth Street toward Lyndon. Officers spoke with the gentlemen and it was a misunderstanding.

May 29


Levi Mathews, 20, of Leesburg, was issued citations for open container in motor vehicle, underage consumption and leaving the scene of an accident.

Douglas Coonrod, 60, of Greenfield, was issued a citation for a turn signal violation.


An anonymous caller said there was a male slapping a female hard in the face in the side apartment on the corner. Officers spoke with all parties there, all advised everything was fine, there was no altercation or signs of fighting or marks on anyone.

May 30


Joshua Hammond, 38, of Greenfield, was arrested for disorderly conduct by intoxication and on a warrant for failure to appear from the Ross County Sheriff’s Office.


A caller stated their neighbor was burning trash and they do it all the time on Boyd Avenue. The subject was advised of the village burn ordinance and extinguished the fire.

A caller advised a woman exited a dark-colored sedan, leaving the vehicle parked in the intersection at Second Street and McClain Avenue. She left a note on the windshield.The caller called back and stated the occupant had returned. She apparently ran out of gas and was fueling the car.

May 31


Sylvia Cutler, 33, of Piketon, was arrested for a violation of court orders.

Marshall Smith, 39, of South Webster, was issued a citation for driving under suspension.


The Highland County Sheriff’s Office advised of a hang up call and a juvenile was advised accordingly.

A caller stated she had an ongoing and current problem with her neighbor shooting air soft pellets that were landing in their garage and sometimes hitting them. The juveniles and their guardians were advised accordingly.

A caller stated her neighbor hit her car and requested to speak to an officer. Officers spoke with both parties and facilitated an exchange of information.

June 1


James Williams, 40, of Beavercreek, was arrested for failure to appear.

Jerry Morris Jr., 35, of Greenfield, was arrested for failure to appear.

Jeremy Queen, 30, of South Salem, was arrested on a warrant for a probation violation from Ross County Sheriff’s Office.


Caller advised that his little girl’s 20-inch pink bicycle was stolen and he knew who stole it. The caller advised a neighbor witnessed the theft and he would call when she got home. An investigation is pending.

The Family Dollar Store advised someone dumped a large load of trash in their cardboard container. An investigation is pending.

Chillicothe Fire and Security dispatched a commercial burglary alarm on 753 South Street. It turned out to be a false alarm.

A caller advised there were two little girls at the playground attempting to locate one of the girl’s little brothers, who was supposed to be at the park butwas not there. They advised he was roughly 9 years old and was attempting to locate an 8 year old. The 8-year-old was located and transported to his residence.



A caller advised the water at a listed location was backing up and a car was going to get stuck in it.

A caller advised there was a deer running up McClain Avenue by Sixth Street.

A caller advised there was a very sick cat in his back yard that needed medical attention immediately. The Humane Society was contacted.

A caller advised a white GMC work truck had stuff flying out of the back of the truck, the driver was going into people’s yards and had drove up on the yard of the McClain school causing damage to the property before getting back onto Jefferson Street and continuing eastbound. The caller advised the truck had made it through the light past McDonald’s and as far as they could tell was still heading down S.R. 28. The police department received an additional call providing more detail, advising that passenger side taillight was out, an ‘07 sticker near a taillight, a canine was in the vehicle and it was passing Garman’s Feed Store.

An additional caller advised an older white truck had gone through multiple yards, hit the bushes and flower pots in the front lawn of the school and was continuing eastbound. The police department advised the Ohio State Patrol post of a vehicle headed toward Chillicothe.

June 3


Riley Moon, 21, of Greenfield, was issued a citation for distracted driving and failure to maintain reasonable control.

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