County couple charged with stealing $13,900 from elderly person


WILMINGTON — A married Highland County couple has been indicted on charges of theft involving two separate alleged victims in Clinton County, one of whom is in the protected class of being an elderly person, by a Clinton County grand jury.

Examples of an individual within a protected class under Ohio law are an elderly person, a disabled adult, an active-duty service member or the spouse of an active-duty service member. When a theft victim is part of a protected class, the law raises the charge to a higher level.

Joshua M. Williamson, 31, and Ashley A. Williamson, 27, both of the same Hillsboro-area address and reportedly a married couple, were each indicted on a charge of theft from a person in a protected class as well as a charge of grand theft. Both charges are felony offenses of the fourth degree.

Both defendants are accused of taking $5,600 in cash monies “by deception” from an individual the law classifies as elderly. This alleged activity reportedly occurred in the Dec. 1, 2020 through Dec. 30, 2020 time period.

The Williamsons are also alleged to have taken, again “by deception,” $8,300 in cash monies from a different person, reportedly on Jan. 19, 2022.

The Williamsons have each entered pleas of not guilty to the charges they face.

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A. Williamson Williamson

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By Gary Huffenberger

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