County resolves tax liens issues


Liens filed by the Ohio Department of Taxation against Highland County have been resolved and the liens have been released, according to a news release from Highland County Auditor Bill Fawley.

”The liens were a result of mistakes made by our office in reporting the school income tax to the Ohio Department of Taxation,” Fawley wrote in the news release. “Some school district income taxes were incorrectly paid to the state or entered incorrectly. The funds were paid into the employer funds (Ohio income tax) rather than the school income tax division. We were repeatedly told that this was being corrected. We had again sent the records they requested and thought it was being resolved. We knew we still owed some, but were told not to send it until the previous payments were applied correctly.”

Fawley said the remaining $2,563 that the county knew it owed has been paid.

”We also then paid $533.32 in interest,” the news release said. “All penalties and charges showing on these liens were abated because the payments were there. The Release and Satisfaction of Judgments were filed with the clerk of courts this past Friday.

“We sincerely regret our mistakes and also regret not being more aggressive in getting the corrections made by the Department of Taxation. It seems it was more difficult to get resolved because most of the Department of Taxation employees are still working from home, which made it difficult to speak with the same person. But we appreciate the Department of Taxation getting this matter resolved.”

All penalties on liens were abated because payments were there

The Times-Gazette

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