Ohio to offer online BMV services — including driver’s license renewal — to lessen in-person trips to BMV


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohioans will soon be able to renew their driver’s license online, adding to the list of services through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) that can be completed at the newly upgraded BMV.Ohio.Gov rather than in-person.

“Our administration is dedicated to improving and enhancing the overall customer experience for Ohioans needing to visit the BMV by providing access to innovative options that better meet their needs,” said Gov. Mike DeWine in the news release. “In just a few days, Ohioans will be able to renew their driver’s license online, which marks another major milestone in our mission to offer more online services to citizens when they are interacting with the state.”

“Since 2021, more than 2 million visits to the BMV have been avoided because of innovative online solutions led through this administration,” added Lt. Governor Jon Husted. “With every service that becomes available on the website, InnovateOhio is chipping away at any reason why Ohioans might have to go into the BMV.”

License renewal

Starting June 27, Ohioans will have the opportunity to renew their driver’s license or identification online.

To renew a driver’s license or identification card, Ohioans will be able to visit BMV.Ohio.Gov and click on the “DL/ID Renewal” link. From there, customers will log in through the state’s OH|ID system, a program built through the InnovateOhio Platform that offers a secure way for Ohioans and businesses to interact with multiple state agencies and access a variety of programs and services with a single user account.

Once logged in through OH|ID, the application will begin, prompting the user to answer a series of questions. The user will need to upload a current driver’s license or ID, or a photograph, and one document from BMV’s acceptable document list. Once approved, the credential will be mailed to the individual.

Title portal

Beginning July 11, customers will be able to transfer a title when engaging in a person-to-person sale of a vehicle by using a new online title process.

After a sale is completed and the buyer is in possession of the original paper title (completed, signed and notarized from the seller), the person can utilize the Ohio Title Portal, securely log-in and apply to “Add Title” under their name.

Once the title transaction has been reviewed and approved by a County Clerk of Courts Title Office, the customer will receive notice that the title has successfully been transferred to them and issued as an electronic title.

Driver exams

The process for driver examinations has also been updated to provide convenience to customers by minimizing the number of trips to the BMV.

Online Knowledge Test: New drivers will be able to take the driving knowledge test online, saving customers multiple trips to the BMV. In order to receive a temporary permit, all new drivers are required to complete a knowledge test, demonstrating their understanding of Ohio traffic laws. On July 11, this will be available online.

3rd Party Driver Examination: The BMV is currently working to partner with outside businesses to expand driver examination testing locations throughout Ohio, eliminating long drive times for those who need to take a driver examination test.

Currently, if a new driver with a temporary permit is ready to get their driver’s license, they are required to test at one of the many BMV Driver Examination stations located throughout Ohio.

On July 1, the BMV is launching a pilot program with the Preble County Clerk of Court to contract as a third-party location for driver’s license skills test. The pilot program is expected to expand to seven other locations around the state over the summer, with additional expansions planned for the future.

In Line, Online

If an individual does need to visit the BMV, the “Get In Line, Online” service allows customers to advance in the queue without physically waiting in the office.

After checking in online, customers have until close of business that day to arrive at the deputy registrar location, check in at a self-service kiosk, and claim their spot in line.

Since its launch, 2.1 million “Get In Line, Online” tickets have been initiated through this service.

Other services will be offered to limit trips to BMV

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