The Greenfield Police Department has released the following information:

July 4


Laci Taylor, 39, of Frankfort, was arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and criminal damaging.


A caller stated that a vehicle has been parked in front of her house on Seventh Street for three hours with no one in it. The caller said she didn’t report it right away because she believed the vehicle was broken down. Police officers tried to contact the registered owner, but got no answer. Officers advised that the vehicle should be towed for safety reasons before dark.

A caller stated that there “squatters” walking round in a house by an alley with lights and that nobody was supposed to be there. Officers investigated, call the home owner, and she said she would have someone look at the house the next day.

July 5


Shannon Kingsolver, 42, of Greenfield, was arrested for a probation violation.

Kaley Warner, 33, of Greenfield, was issued citation for driving under suspension

July 6


A caller advised that she located a hypodermic syringe in the 300 block of North Street near the rear of her vehicle. Officers responded to the scene and removed the needle.

A caller advised there was a male standing between the church and Bob and Carl’s in the 1000 block of Jefferson Street and had been there for over 15 minutes. Officers responded the advised the male accordingly.

July 7

Harley Mussetter, 28, of Sabina, was arrested for a violation of court orders.


Caller advised that her daughter contacted her via Facebook Messenger and said she was walking to Dollar General from her apartment at Greenfield Meadows but got lost. She advised that her daughter is mentally unwell and had a hand cart with her. An officer was dispatched to the scene.

July 8


Chloe Sheffield, 21, of South Salem, was issued a citation for driving under suspension.

Carolyn Kuebler, 40, of Greenfield, was arrested for disorderly conduct by intoxication.


Adena Greenfield Medical Center Security called stating there was a male wearing a dark shirt walking west down South Street toward Seventh Street holding a shotgun. Police units responded to the scene but were unable to locate the suspect.

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