Trafficking gets woman community control


A Marion woman was sentenced to three years of community control on multiple counts of aggravated trafficking in meth in highland County Common Pleas Court.

Beth Stewart, 38, must successfully complete Lighthouse behavioral health treatment and aftercare. She was ordered to pay $80 in restitution to the Highland County Task Force alongside one of her co-conspirators and $170 alongside another of her co-conspirators. If Steward violates any of the community control sanctions, she will be given a sentence between six and 36 months and ordered to pay a fine of $5,000, court records state.

According to court documents for the first count, on or around Jan. 14, 2021, a detective and investigator were working with an informant who said they could buy LSD and meth from Stewart.

The detective later dropped the informant off. They walked to Flagway where they met with Stewart and a co-conspirator, who were in a van. The informant gave Stewart money and Stewart gave the informant papers that were marked “X.” Th informant returned to the detective and gave over the papers. The said they planned to meet the two again at Holtfield in 15 minutes to pick up the meth.

CI2 was dropped off at the location at 9 p.m. Then, at 9:14 p.m., the same van from as before pulled into Holtfield. The informant met with the co-conspirator, who was the driver, and Stewart, who was in the front passenger seat. Stewart gave the informant a clear baggie with a white substance. The informant then returned to the detective and gave over the white substance, which later tested positive as .51 grams of meth.

According to court documents for the second count, on or around July 26, 2021, two investigators were working with an informant who said they could purchase meth and fentanyl from Stewart a co-conspirator that was not the same person from the first count. The informant was searched, given an audio/video recorder and $170. The informant was dropped off near Holtfield where they met with Stewart and her co-conspirator in a black Ford truck.

The informant gave over the money to Stewart, who then gave them a bag of a crystal substance, a capsule and Narcan Nasal spray. The co-conspirator was the driver. The informant returned to the investigators and gave over the items. They were sent to BCI for analysis where the crystal substance tested positive as 3.53 grams of meth while the capsule tested as having no controlled substance, according to court records.

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Sentenced on two meth charges

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