Borsini stepping down from council


Greenfield Village Council member and local chiropractor Eric Borsini is planning to move back home to the New England region toward the end of September.

He will continue to serve on the council through its last meeting in September. He has served one full term and the current term since January. The council president, with the assistance of the council, will select his replacement.

Borsini said he will miss “making a difference in the lives of the citizens of Greenfield.”

“I appreciate the love and support from the citizens of Greenfield and surrounding areas for helping me to be more and to help Greenfield be more,” he said.

He discussed his plans in a recent Facebook post:

“As some of you may have heard, I will be closing my practice as of September 16th. The 15th of September will be my last day. I am moving home to New Hampshire/Massachusetts to be near my family there. This decision has been a hard one to make because in leaving here, I leave a lot of you. You are and were my family here when I had none. You have shaped and enriched my life. You have blessed my life.

“This decision stems from multiple factors. I have been searching for years to fill a void in my life with things like teaching, a commissioner run…but deep down inside, it was my family that I needed. I have been away from home for over 20 years. Going back in June for my Grandmother’s funeral has been a large factor for me. Every Sunday I would call her and she would tell me “you work too hard, you need to slow down”. My last words to her over FaceTime was just that, I’d slow down and stop working so hard. She nodded and lipped the words I love you repeatedly. I think I finally got the message that she has been telling me for years.

“I am excited but nervous to move because it is so expensive there and after selling everything and paying debt I may not be able to even afford one house but I know God will help my path. I love you all and remember, this is not goodbye, it is see you later. I hope you all understand my choice and know I will truly miss you and your support. At the end of your life, it is not the ‘stuff’ that you have but it is the blessings that you have contributed to others and those you were blessed to receive. Thank you for blessing my life.

“Dr. Tony Phillips (and Dr. Lydia Cook) in Chillicothe at Radiant Wellness will have all my patient files. He is a godly man and has a big heart. He was my chiropractor. I am confident that you will like him and that he will care for you the way I have these last 20 years. I will maintain my office phone number for a time that will have this information on it as well.”

Those interested in serving on the council can contact clerk of council Sherry Parker at [email protected]. Candidates should be a registered voter in Ohio, at least 18 years old, live within the Greenfield village limits, and will need to obtain a petition with at least 25 signatures.

Reach John Hackley at 937-402-2571.

Greenfield chiropractor says he’s taking grandmother’s advice and moving back to New England

By John Hackley

[email protected]

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