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Hello! With everything going up in cost we need to cut cost. This week I was looking for cheap and easy recipes when my friend posted this recipe on Facebook, and I thought it was a great idea.

Kids are out of school and most are trying to figure out what to feed everyone. This is one looks tasty and one that I would eat myself.

Buy a loaf of French bread — some stores have it for a $1 a loaf. Cut it in half and then top with pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni or what other toppings you like. Bake at 475 degrees for 10-15 minutes and there you go ready to eat.

Be creative. Plus, this would be great for a birthday parties or any kind of gathering. The little ones especially would love to create and make their own .

Do you have any ideas on cheap and easy recipes? If you do, please send them to me and I will put you in the kitchen with Sharon. Send them to [email protected] or call me at 937-393-3456.

Have a great week!

Sharon Hughes is the advertising manager at The Times-Gazette. She is also a mother, grandmother and chef.

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