Democrats hold annual membership meeting


The Highland County Democrat Party held its annual membership meeting on Aug. 7, in the AmVets Building on North Shore Drive. The party chairperson, Dinah Phillips, welcomed approximately 130 people, including many young persons to the event.

Gerold Wilkin provided opening remarks and shared the current work of local veterans to identify Highland countians that served in the American Revolutionary War.

Members present enjoyed a wonderful meal with Bonnie and Jill Parr for serving. Members also brought desserts for all to enjoy.

Several Democratic candidates or their spokespersons were present and gave updates on their campaigns.

Tara Mathews Campbell, candidate for Highland County commissioner, spoke about her commitment to the country, state and county. She is a former U.S. Marine and brings that same dedication to her work for Highland County.

Gary Boone, candidate for the Ohio Senate, told those present that his first action as an Ohio senator will be to stop the solar farm activity in our area. He stated that he will ensure required oversight actions written in the existing solar company contracts are upheld.

Samantha Meadows, candidate for the U.S. Congress, explained that she wants to see Democrats and Republicans work together for the people of this district. She is meeting with city and town councils across the area and brings new energy and enthusiasm to Southern Ohio. Meadows certainly demonstrated her enthusiasm at the meeting.

Scott Schertzer, candidate for state treasurer, talked about his experience teaching history in Marion Ohio public schools, serving as a Marion City councilman, and serving as the current mayor of Marion. He is concerned about the culture of corruption in state government and pledged to watch every dollar invested and pinch every penny to make sure that transparency exists in state government. He noted that his campaign manager is Mary Ellen Withrow, the longtime state and national treasurer who is supporting his bid for treasurer of Ohio.

Former Governor Ted Strickland and his wife, Francis, were present to represent two very important statewide candidates. Mrs. Strickland encouraged the group to elect the state’s first woman Governor, Nan Whaley. She noted that Whaley has risen through the ranks of public service and currently is the well-known mayor of Dayton. Her leadership in Dayton is exemplary and she is known as a woman who can get things done, which makes her an ideal person to lead the state of Ohio.

Former Gov. Strickland spoke for Tim Ryan’s campaign, describing Ryan as “the real deal.” He described how Ryan has voted for the interests of working Americans in his position as U.S. House representative. The Governor compared Ryan’s work for Ohioans with that of his opponent, the venture capitalist from California, who only recently returned to live in Ohio. He also described how his opponent’s book detailed his lack of concern for his mother as she faced homelessness.

Ted Strickland noted that electing Ryan to the U.S. Senate will ensure that Democrats can enact policies that improve the lives of all Americans, not just the rich and powerful.

The rest of the meeting included an energetic auction of donated items. John Knauff served as the volunteer auctioneer.

It was a great turnout of local Democrats working together to support local, state and national elected servants.

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Submitted by Linda Emery, Highland County Democratic Party.

State treasurer candidate Scott Schertzer talks with Ohio Senate candidate Gary Boone at the Highland County Democratic Party membership meeting. treasurer candidate Scott Schertzer talks with Ohio Senate candidate Gary Boone at the Highland County Democratic Party membership meeting. Submitted photo

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