Fairfield attends FFA Camp Muskingum


Over the summer all FFA members get the opportunity to go to FFA Camp Muskingum for a chance to get more involved in FFA and to get to know the other FFA chapters from Ohio, as well as some area state officers.

During camp members are able to participate in many activities with “camp chapters.” Members are placed in a camp chapter that consists of students from other schools. Within these groups members are able to interact with and meet new people from all over the state of Ohio.

Members are never short of things to do while at FFA Camp Muskingum. When it comes to water there are motorboats, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming and water games. There are also three different shooting ranges — archery, rifle and shotgun. When members don’t want to be in the water or shooting there are other activities available such as cornhole, volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, and card games. Every morning there is also an option to go on a sunrise walk or jump in the lake at 6:30 for the people who choose to do so.

When there is free time, campers are able to hangout with friends and just have fun. Every day members are at camp, there are multiple things that are planned with the state officers and staff. There are scavenger hunts that lead you around the entire camp property, sports competitions where you go against other camp chapters, and camp activities where students can explore different skills and wildlife. For the juniors and seniors there are also high ropes courses. One of the last days is dedicated to a day full of water games at the game field and beachfront. There are even some nights where there are hoedowns. During these there are many line dances and songs that everyone can dance and sing to.

Overall, there are plenty of times where you can compete, have fun and explore.

At camp the staff value the happiness of the campers. It’s important for everyone to have a good time and expect to be active with one another. Students are served three delicious meals a day. There are runners for every meal of everyday. The runners purpose is to help and make sure all of the food, utensils and tables are set up for the campers to be ready to eat, as well as clean up the table after the meal. Every camper must take a turn to be a runner during their stay at camp. Having runners makes it a lot easier for the cooks and ladies who help keep campers’ stomachs full, to clean up and prepare for the next meal.

Following breakfast every morning there is flag raising which is used as a way to respect the United States flag and all it took for the flag to be raised today. Following dinner there is a flag lowering that is used for the same purpose. It’s a very important time that is very treasured during camp.

As the camp day ends there are wagon circles before everyone heads to bed. This is a time where everyone can unwind and listen to small lessons or stories that are taught by the state officers. They are taught from experiences that the state officers have had and lessons they have learned from those times. When that is over, members are dismissed to their cabins to shower, and get ready for bed.

Attending camp encourages students to meet and interact with new people as well as participate in new activities that they may have never had the chance to do otherwise. There is something for all students at camp to enjoy. FFA Camp Muskingum is an experience that members will never forget. Whether it be because of the people, the activities, the memories, or the experiences, FFA Camp Muskingum is a time that will forever be remembered.

Submitted by Emily Taylor, Fairfield FFA reporter.

Fairfield FFA members are pictured at FFA Camp Muskingum.
https://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2022/08/web1_FFA-pic.jpgFairfield FFA members are pictured at FFA Camp Muskingum. Submitted photo

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