The Hillsboro Police Department has released the following information:

Aug. 16


At 5:41 p.m., dispatch advised of a non-injury crash on Muntz Street. Howard Mason, 22, of Peebles, was traveling south on U.S. Route 62 hauling a wood chipper. Mason turned east on Muntz Street. While negotiating the left turn, Mason’s trailing unit came unhitched and struck a vehicle that was parked and unoccupied at 502 S. High St.

At 7:43 p.m., dispatch advised of a two-car crash in the center of town. Natalie Stanley, 24, of Hillsboro, was traveling southbound on High Street when she approached the intersection of High and Main streets. Stanley’s vehicle traveled into the left turn lane and received the green arrow to turn left. While attempting to turn left onto East Main Street, Stanley’s vehicle was struck by a vehicle driven by Kathleen Kitzmiller, 69, of Cincinnati. After speaking with Kitzmiller, it was learned that due to the sun shining in her eyes, Kitzmiller believed the light was green. The light was actually red when Kitzmiller went through the intersection, striking Stanley’s vehicle. No citations were issued due to the weather conditions. No injuries were reported at the time of crash. The vehicles received moderate damage.


Steven Pope, 44, of Hillsboro, was arrested for failure to appear on a bench warrant.

Paul Thomas, 38, of Franklin, was arrested for failure to appear on a bench warrant.

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