Lynchburg man indicted on domestic charge


WILMINGTON — A former Lynchburg man who is a domestic violence repeat offender has been indicted on a charge of domestic violence (DV).

Grand jurors indicted Charles E. McCrobie, 40, of Martinsville, and formerly of Lynchburg, alleging he committed domestic violence on May 4, 2022.

McCrobie has two prior domestic violence convictions: one in Clinton County Municipal Court in 2004, and one in Clinton County Common Pleas Court in 2011.

The 2011 case included a conviction on a gun specification, according to records on the Clerk of Courts website. He was sentenced to one year of prison under the gun specification, and six months of prison for domestic violence, with the terms to run consecutively.

The gun was forfeited to the Wilmington Police Department for destruction.

He was also charged with domestic violence in January 2021, with the case dismissed after four months, according to the Clinton County Clerk of Courts website.

He was charged with domestic violence (F5) in September 2019 in Hillsboro Municipal Court, with the case dismissed after two weeks, according to the Hillsboro Municipal Court online records.

The present charge is classified as a third-degree felony (F3). On Aug. 22, McCrobie plead not guilty to the charged offense.

In a separate matter, Kacie Elaine Lowe, 23, of Peebles, was indicted on a charge of grand theft of a motor vehicle (F4), and on two counts of criminal damaging or endangering (both an M2 — misdemeanors of the second degree).

She allegedly took a 2014 Hyundai Sonata on July 13 from the Hawley Avenue area of Wilmington.

According to a law enforcement affidavit, the vehicle crashed into a metal fence off Progress Way in town. A witness advised a female driver took off running through the bushes. An officer stated he entered a small wooded area and located the suspect there lying on the ground.

She has pleaded not guilty. On Aug. 24, the defense attorney said he has serious questions about the competency of the defendant to aid in her own defense.

Lowe has been directed to submit to an evaluation to determine her competency to stand trial, and also submit to an evaluation to determine her mental state at the time of the alleged activity.

After the court receives the written evaluation reports, a hearing to address the issues will be scheduled.

Among those also indicted were:

• Joshua E. Powell, 41 of the New Vienna area, is indicted on two counts of receiving stolen property (both F4s), and on a charge of tampering with records (M1).

• Casey A. Wright, 37 of the Hillsboro area, is indicted on a charge of failing to appear in court (F4).

• David A. Bolling, 30 of the Bainbridge area, is indicted on a charge of aggravated possession of a drug (F5).

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Peebles woman faces grand theft of motor vehicle charge

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