‘Struggle between democracy, tyranny’


August 24 marked six months since Russia launched its war on Ukraine, and Aug. 27 marked the 27th consecutive Saturday that Wilmington area supporters of Ukraine have participated in public standouts to raise awareness of the war.

A dozen or so people have participated in nearly every standout since Feb. 27. When asked what inspires their commitment, here are some of their responses:

“This country survives on the ideals of democracy and decency. I believe the outcome of this was will greatly affect both.” — Mary Conger

“As we struggle to maintain our own democracy, we must support and care for those already shedding blood to secure their nation against autocracy. China is watching.” — John Lundblad

“War in Ukraine is a constant reminder that our democracy is precious. Standouts and relief donations let Merefa, our sister city, know we care.” — Judy Mills

“I stand up for Ukraine because their fight is our fight. I never stand only for Ukraine any more than Ukrainians fight only for themselves.” — Fr. Elaine Silverstrim

“I am excited by the public response to our standouts for Ukraine. We have done other standouts, but these seem to really matter the most to people.” — Lee Silverstrim

“My husband, Paul, loved ACT. He loved life, joy, politics, equality, democracy and wonder of all people and nature. I’m having joy now, too.” — Helen Skogstrom

“Ukraine’s courageous battle against Russia’s brutal invasion is the front line of the worldwide struggle between democracy and tyranny, between the rule of law and dictatorship. Ukraine must prevail!” — Christine Snyder

“The destruction of a democratic Ukraine impacts us all. It is our job to stand up to tyranny. This, and donating, are how I protest Russian aggression.” — Scilla Wahrhaftig

“Empathy is democracy’s soul. Tragically, the U.S. Helms Amendment would ban abortions, by American aid agencies, for Ukrainian citizens raped by Russian soldiers.” — Chuck Watts

“Russia’s war crimes and human rights violations against the Ukrainian people demand a response from the world. Every gesture of support matters.” — Mary Thomas Watts

The local standouts for Ukraine and her people will continue every Saturday, rain or shine, from noon until 1 p.m. at Locust and South streets in Wilmington. Sponsors are the Clinton County Alliance for Compassion and Truth (ACT) and the Empathy Surplus Network USA.

All participants are welcome.

Mary Conger (left) and Judy Mills joined other supporters of Ukraine last Saturday as the war and the local public standouts entered their seventh month.
https://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2022/08/web1_IMG_1591.jpgMary Conger (left) and Judy Mills joined other supporters of Ukraine last Saturday as the war and the local public standouts entered their seventh month. Submitted photo
Area residents meet each Saturday to support Ukraine

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