Commissioners say attendance at the fair important


The Highland County Board of Commissioners promoted attending the Highland County Fair at its weekly Wednesday morning meeting.

Jeff Duncan, the board president, said the county fair has been happening all week, and that even though they have been fighting mud, the attendance has been “fairly good” considering the weather.

“It’s a chance for everybody in the county to kind of get together. I, personally, like going out there. It’s kind of like a reunion for me. I get to see people I don’t normally get to see any other time of the year, and I know this is when all the 4-H kids get to show off their year’s work. And, so, it’s important to the youth out there, I think. I think, the last time I heard, we’ve got somewhere between 900 and 1,000 youth in the 4-H organizations and we’ve got five FFA chapters here in the county and all of those kids are out there.”

Commissioner Dave Daniels said the county fair is also great leadership training.

He said he would bet if someone talked to people in leadership roles in the county over the last century, they would find that “most of them” have had 4-H and FFA experience. He said they teach good values, work ethic and finances that give the youth a leg up in the world.

“I think I’d argue, 50 years from now you’ll be looking at future leaders here in the county or people that are doing a lot of leadership work in the county will have had some start with 4-H or FFA as a youth,” Daniels said. “It’s just what we do in rural Ohio.”

Duncan said the fair is also important for the fair board because the fair is its only major fundraising opportunity for the year. He said the board depends on the attendance so it can continue its work.

In other news, Duncan said the board of commissioners received estimates for new flooring at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) in Hillsboro. He said the organization was in the office a few weeks ago to ask about adding square footage to the office. Duncan said the commissioners couldn’t increase the size at this time but could make updates to the building with new flooring.

He said the board of commissioners got four options for the flooring. The first two were for the waiting area, with the first being in plank squares for $2,869 and the second being 12-foot by 12-foot tiles for $1,550. The other two were for the office area, the first being new carpet squares for $1,384 and the other one being 12-foot wide-loom carpeting for $1,732.

Daniels said he thought the board should have conversations with the BMV about the flooring before officially moving on the matter. Duncan agreed.

In other news, Bill Fawley, Highland County auditor, revealed August’s sales tax numbers, which returned more to where they were more than the same month last year by $54,634, and $239,306 more for the entire year so far.

The board agreed on two motions — one for work on the men’s restroom at the Highland County Justice Center for $1,192 by McCoy Plumbing Co. and the second for the removal of a building and some fencing on the proposed site for the Highland County Records Center by Dance Excavation for $3,500.

The board also signed a letter of support for the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission for a Safe Streets and Roads for All Grant application.

There was one resolution approved by the board:

*Res. No. 22-153 is authorization for a budget modification within Youth Services DDC Grant in the amount of $2,000.

There were also two contracts approved by the board:

*Contract 73 is between the board of commissioners and Highland County Prosecutor Anneka Collins for Kelley Gourry, legal counsel.

*Contract 74 is between the board of commissioners and the Highland County Board of Developmental Disabilities for an Early Intervention Rescue Plan Act from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023.

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Highland County commissioners (l-r) David Daniels, Jeff Duncan and Terry Britton are pictured during their weekly Wednesday meeting. County commissioners (l-r) David Daniels, Jeff Duncan and Terry Britton are pictured during their weekly Wednesday meeting.
Duncan: ‘It’s a chance for everybody in the county to kind of get together’

By Jacob Clary

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