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A Hillsboro woman was sentenced in Highland County Common Pleas Court to three years of community control for one count of aggravated trafficking in methamphetamine.

Brooke Fenner, 39, was sentenced on one count of aggravated trafficking in meth, a third-degree felony.

Court records state that Fenner will be required to successfully complete residential treatment and aftercare at TCC.

Records also stated that Fenner was ordered to pay restitution of $400 to the Highland County Task Force through the Victim Restitution Escrow Account of the Highland County Victim Witness Office.

Court records also stated that if Fenner violates any of the community control sanctions, she would be given a sentence of between nine and 36 months and ordered to pay a fine of $10,000.

According to court documents, on or around Oct. 21, 2020, an investigator and assistant prosecutor met with informants (CI) who said they could purchase meth from Fenner. One of the informants called Fenner to Greenfield, which is where Fenner could get an eight-ball of meth for $120. An investigator also initiated contact with a lieutenant, who helped assist during the deal.

After meeting with the informants, an investigator gave them $140 for the deal. The investigator and assistant prosecutor then followed the informants to Greenfield.

The lieutenant joined in on the surveillance on S.R. 28 at McWilliams Road. Then, at around 6:07 p.m., the investigator saw the informants’ vehicle parked in front of McClain High School.

The informants initiated contact with the investigator at about 6:10 p.m. and said Fenner had her son with her.

The investigator searched the informants and their vehicle. The informants indicated that they went to a house in Greenfield. One of them gave the money to Fenner and the informants eventually received a bag containing a crystal substance. The substance was sent to BCI for analysis and found to contain meth.

In other sentencings, Kyle May, 38, Blanchester, was sentenced to three years of community control on one count of aggravated possession of a fentanyl-related compound, a fourth-degree felony.

Court records state that May would be ordered to serve time in the Highland County Jail until being admitted to TCC, where he was ordered to complete their program and aftercare. If May violates any of the community control sanctions, he would be given a sentence of between six and 18 months and ordered to pay a fine of $5,000.

According to court documents, on or around Jan. 20, 2022, the Highland County Sheriff’s Office got a report of a male subject that was passed out inside a maroon Honda parked in a parking lot on S.R. 138 in Hamer Township. Two deputies responded and saw a male inside a Honda Civic. One of the deputies noticed that the car was still running and the male in it sat up. The deputies then exited their patrol vehicle and walked over to the male subject.

When they were at the door of the Honda Civic, one of the deputies identified the male in the driver’s seat as May. He said that he’d slept in the car for the night. One of the deputies ran the Ohio registration on the vehicle and was found to be fictitious. The other deputy ran the VIN for the car and also found that the registered owner wasn’t the person that May insisted owned it. May was then told that the vehicle was being impounded until the correct owner showed proof of ownership.

One of the deputies asked May if he knew anybody in the area since they didn’t want to leave him in the cold. May then asked the deputy if they could give him a ride to Walnut Street in Hillsboro, to which the deputy agreed. The deputy then asked May to exit the vehicle, and after exiting the vehicle, the deputy performed a pat-down of May for weapons before letting him inside the patrol vehicle.

The deputy saw an orange hypodermic needle cap on the driver’s seat that May was sitting on and a hypodermic needle on the driver’s floorboard in between the driver’s seat and running board. One of the deputies advised May of his Miranda Rights. The deputy then asked May if the hypodermic needle was his, and he said it was. The deputy asked May what the drug was and May answered “speed.” The deputy asked May if “speed” meant cocaine, to which May said that it meant “ice.”

The deputy asked May when he last used and he said “several” days ago. The deputy told May he was being placed under arrest for possession of drug abuse instruments and put May in handcuffs. The deputy did a more thorough pat-down of him and found two clear bags that contained suspected narcotics in his front left pocket. One bag contained a hard crystalline substance and the other contained a grey substance.

May said the two bags contained ice and heroin. The bags were sent to BCI for analysis. The crystalline substance was found to contain meth. The grey substance was found to contain fentanyl.

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One on trafficking and another on possession charges

By Jacob Clary

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