‘The Legends: Ohio State Buckeyes’


In his new book — “The Legends: Ohio State Buckeyes; The Men, the Deeds, the Consequences, Volume 2” — author Mark Rea has expanded his list of legendary Ohio State Buckeye football players.

Rea examines 50 additional epic Ohio State football players and coaches and what made them so esteemed. From players like Fred Patterson to the Bosa brothers, Legends Volume 2 is full of stories of how these men became outstanding on and off the football field, some against all odds.

How did a baby who was found in a dumpster grow up to play for Ohio State and eventually play in the NFL?

Frank Moskowitz, the publisher of the Buckeye Sports Bulletin, said, “Mark Rea has taken his love of Ohio State football, his love of writing and his love of research, stirred them around and become one of the leading Buckeye football historians.

“In this internet age, anyone can look up numbers for any Buckeye or OSU team, but Mark is always able to find the story behind the story or some little-known fact that gives life to players and teams from the past.”

In 365 pages, Rea brings to life stats, anecdotes and more to create compelling and intimate portraits.

When asked why he wanted to write Volume 2, Rea replied, “The history of Ohio State football is such that I knew eight years ago when I was writing ‘The Legends Vol I’ that I was barely scratching the surface of the players and coaches whose compelling stories needed to be told. Volume 2 is less a sequel and more an extension of the fun-loving, adversity-overcoming, heart-wrenching, sometimes tragic but always entertaining stories of the men who have played for and coached the Ohio State Buckeyes.”

For those for whom being a Buckeye is a family tradition, Rea’s book is a generational bridge, showcasing the people and players that made OSU great for the last century. For those new to Ohio State traditions, it’s a primer, an all-inclusive guide to the greats. And for those that have always wondered why scarlet and gray, now is the chance to find out.

Copies of “The Legends: Ohio State Buckeyes Volume 2” are available at orangefrazer.com. You may also call 937-382-3196 to place an order from the publisher, Orange Frazer Press.

The new book on Buckeyes’ legends is available from Orange Frazer Press.
https://www.timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2022/10/web1_OSU-Legends-2_Cover-copy.jpgThe new book on Buckeyes’ legends is available from Orange Frazer Press. Submitted photo
New book examines 50 epic OSU football players and coaches

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