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The Greenfield Historical Society will hold its annual Ghost Walk on Monday, Oct. 10. The event will take place at Travellers Rest and the Old Burying Ground on South McArthur Way beginning at 6 p.m. Travellers Rest will open at 5 p.m. for visitors to view the displays there.

Once again, the ghosts will be portrayed by some of Greenfield’s finest actors and the audience will walk from grave to grave so guests should bring comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. In addition, a speaker system will be used so that those not able or wanting to walk through the cemetery may stay on the patio and listen to the presentations.

Henry Irwin will be returning from the grave. He, in addition to his four wives and four of his children, are buried in the Old Burying Ground. He was a farmer born in Pennsylvania who moved to the Greenfield area. One of his sons was Admiral Noble Irwin of the United States Navy. Irwin will be portrayed by Eric Salyers.

The story of Dr. Samuel Fellers includes a dispute with Daniel Cameron. That disagreement led to fisticuffs ending in a murder on the streets of Greenfield. Fellers will relate how he and Cameron settled their differences. Fellers will be portrayed by Danny Long.

A great-grandfather who fought in the American Revolution, a grandfather who fought in the War of 1812, and a father who was a judge is part of the ancestry of David Coyner, another ghost who will tell his story. In addition to a venerable ancestry, Coyner had many descendants who have lived in Greenfield, many of which are still there. Coyner will be played by Terry Washburn.

Frederick Davis will appear in the Old Burying Ground to tell his story about life as a landowner in Ireland, coming to live in Greenfield, and living with his son James. He will also talk about Thomas, another son, who traveled overland to California in 1850 returning by way of Panama in 1851. Davis will be played by Jerry Parker.

The Rev. James Arbuthnot was born in Pennsylvania, his father from Scotland and his mother from Northern Ireland. He became a Presbyterian minister in 1823 and eventually moved to Greenfield where he was minister at the Seceeder’s church on South Street. After two years he moved on to Adams County. Arbuthnot will be portrayed by Otis Wagner.

Traveller’s Rest will open at 5 p.m. so that visitors might come early and enjoy the museum before the Ghost Walk. Light refreshments will be served after the walk.

This story was provided by Harold Schmidt, Greenfield Historical Society.

Eric Salyers played a ghost during Greenfield Historical Society’s 2021 Ghost Walk in the Old burying Ground. Salyers played a ghost during Greenfield Historical Society’s 2021 Ghost Walk in the Old burying Ground. Submitted photo
GHS hosting annual Ghost Walk

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