Officer wounded, L-C recognized, bank liquidated


Editor’s note — We’re continuing our tradition of taking a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from years gone by.

This week in 1930, the Greenfield Republican reported that the 11th annual trial and specialty show for beagles, sponsored by the Highland Beagle Club, was scheduled to take place from Oct. 29 through Nov. 1.

Attorney General Gilbert Bettman announced that J.S.S. Riley, attorney at law from Greenfield, would be legal counsel for the superintendents of banks in connection with affairs of the Highland County Bank, as the bank was in the process of being liquidated.

F.R. Harris, superintendent of Greenfield Schools, was the featured speaker at the Toastmaster Club in Washington C.H. where “it was made clear” he was “an all-around good speaker and entertainer.”

In sports, the McClain Yellowjackets varsity football team annihilated Williamsport by a score of 89-12, with multiple McClain players scoring four times, as Williamsport was unable to muster anything until the McClain backups were put into the game.

The Majestic Theatre, located in Chillicothe, advertised multiple showings, including “The Dawn Patrol,” starring Richard Barthelmess, “Dancing Sweeties,” starring Grant Withers and Sue Carol, and “Love Among the Millionaires,” starring Clara Bow and Stanley Smith.

IGA advertised its Harvest Sale, which included four packages of macaroni for 23 cents, one package of popcorn for 10 cents and a pound of coffee for 23 cents.

This week in 1960, The Greenfield Daily Times reported that a Hillsboro police officer received minor wounds due to a gun duel with a burglar at the G.S. Dunnick Co., with it not being known whether the burglar injured was because of their escape from the scene.

U.S. Senator Harry Jackson was scheduled to speak at a Highland County Democratic dinner and rally in Leesburg on Oct. 11, with the meeting including the governor, multiple senators and county and district candidates.

Greenfield Village Council announced that it voted to make around 57 people and businesses delinquent in utility tax payments, which was before they authorized the mayor to tell the Board of Public Affairs to discontinue their electric service if payment wasn’t made.

The Rand Theatre in Greenfield hosted the first TIMES Cooking School session with Susan Lowe, home economist and food lecturer the teacher of the class, as around 550 to 600 people were thought to be in attendance.

In sports, the Columbus Bishop Watterson Eagles defeated the McClain Tigers by a score of 44-28 thanks to an opening two-touchdown lead, with this matchup being the Eagles’ “hardest” game of the season.

The Ranch Theatre advertised multiple films, including “Beyond the Time Barrier,” starring Robert Clarke, and “Chance Meeting,” starring Hardy Kruger.

The Famous Store, located at 329 Jefferson St. in Greenfield, advertised multiple products, including a complete ironing board pad and cover set for 66 cents and a reversible dust mop for 66 cents.

This week in 1991, The Press-Gazette reported that Dr. Lewis Miller, the president of Southern State Community College from 1975 to January 1989, sent a personal check to the college for reimbursement for political contributions, but the college turned the check over to its legal counsel.

Dr. Ray Rogers III, a Hillsboro native and a physician of the Mayo Clinic, was one of four Ohio State alumni to receive an achievement award from its college of medicine.

Liberty Savings Bank, located in Hillsboro, Lynchburg and Wilmington, announced that it merged with South Side Savings Bank of Lima, with the latter’s name planned to change to Liberty Savings Bank to match.

In sports, the Hillsboro seventh grade football squad played to a 24-24 tie against Miami Trace but couldn’t get a single two-point conversion after scoring four touchdowns, with Miami Trace scoring three touchdowns with extra points and a field goal to get to its 24 points.

Chakere’s Colony Theatre, located at 122 N. High St. in Hillsboro, advertised multiple movies, including “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare,” starring Robert Englund, and “Pure Luck,” starring Martin Short and Danny Glover.

Foster-Haines, located at 1100 N. High St. in Hillsboro, advertised multiple products including men’s knit tops for $14.99 and sweaters for $19.99 and up.

This week in 2010, The Times-Gazette reported that the Greenfield Medieval Faire was scheduled for Oct. 23 by the Greenfield Neighborhood Watch at 333 South St. in Greenfield, with the organization’s president hoping for it to be an annual or semiannual event.

The Southern Ohio Pregnancy Center’s 2010 Walk for Life and Ride for Life raised almost $9,500 as nearly 100 walkers and 25 bikers attended the event to raise money for the cause.

Shafer Heating and Cooling, LLC advertised outdoor wood furnaces starting at $4,980, which could include an ash pan for “quick easy cleaning,” large firebox doors, gasification or an electric draft blower/damper.

Lynchburg-Clay Elementary School was recognized by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) as a 2009-10 School of Promise for the first time, as it was seen as “part of an elite group of 161 schools recognized this year” for multiple subjects and factors by Deborah Delisle of the ODE.

Libby McNeal, a 2004 Fairfield High School graduate, was announced to be a new 4-H educator for Highland County for the OSU Extension Office.

In sports, the Fairfield boys cross-country team won the Highland County Cross Country Invitational thanks to a team score of 41 and McClain’s Jon McDonald won the whole race, followed by teammate Caleb Mootispaw.

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