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The Visitors Bureau of Highland County has unveiled a new website, accessible at

Jamie Wheeler, executive director of the Visitors Bureau, said that, “although the site is not completely finished, we are still proud of the progress made with it over previous sites.”

“The redesign was a collaboration of the Visitors Bureau Board of Directors and staff’s ideas from studying other Visitors Bureau websites in our region and state,” said Wheeler, adding that, “The new design was released in August, but is still under construction and subject to being amended further.” That, Wheeler said, permitted the Visitors Bureau, “to start to gather statistics on what items people still” wanted to have access to on the new website.

Wheeler said, “In upcoming months, we will continue to add more to the site. The Visitor’s Bureau social media pages” will be updated accordingly, as new items are added to the website.

The reason for the updated website, said Wheeler, is that because it is geared toward showing off the many resources the local area has available, of which others might not be aware.

“The purpose and motivation of the website is to serve as a one-stop shop for residents and visitors to know what is available to them in Highland County,” said Wheeler, who added that a personalized and interactive service will soon be available.

“We hope to offer suggested itineraries as well as let visitors create their own itineraries for their visit in Highland County,” by registering for an account, said Wheeler.

The Visitors Bureau also maintains a Facebook page that assists in showcasing more of the day-to-day operations of the Visitor’s Bureau as it serves as ambassador of the diverse region of Highland County.

Recently, staff members had the opportunity to spend the day with a small group of food and adventure bloggers in Highland County whose visit was documented extensively on social media. The visiting content creators were treated to trips to Paint Creek, the world’s largest horseshoe crab, and many local establishments and restaurants, according to the social media reports.

Ultimately, Wheeler said that the website is another communications tool to get the word out about what there is to do locally.

“Highland County has so much to offer.”, Wheeler said.

For more information about the Highland County Visitor’s Bureau, access its new website at

Juliane Cartaino is a stringer for The Times-Gazette.

Flowers in bloom around the Highland County Courthouse in Hillsboro are shown in this picture. in bloom around the Highland County Courthouse in Hillsboro are shown in this picture. Juliane Cartaino | For The Times-Gazette
Visitor’s Bureau of Highland Co. has new website

By Juliane Cartaino

For The Times-Gazette

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