Spirit Revolution coming to Rocky Fork


The Rocky Fork Lake Business Advisory Committee is inviting all community members to a Community Worship Service titled a Spirit Revolution on Sunday, Oct. 30, at the Rocky Fork Lake North Beach parking lot.

John Ingersoll, president of the Rocky Fork Lake Business Advisory Committee, said, “I am not a pastor, just a layman. I move as I feel God directs me to do so; in this case, to help bring Him to our community through a praise and worship event.”

Spirit Revolution will be held at 1:30 p.m. at the North Beach parking lot at Rocky Fork State Park. The event will feature performances by local gospel and church groups.

“I hope to bring members of the community together for an amazing afternoon of praise and worship no matter the denomination or church affiliation,” said Ingersoll. “One purpose, one God.”

Churches or groups that would like to participate can call Ingersoll directly at 937-763-3959 or Scott Faulconer at 937-763-0704.

Submitted by Jamie Wheeler, executive director, Visitors Bureau of Highland County.

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