N. West St. project continues


The road project on North West Street is a “little bit behind,” according to Shawn Adkins, public works superintendent for the city of Hillsboro.

“No fault of the contractors… We found some lines that we didn’t know or didn’t have any plans for that’s underground that they’ve been having to deal with this whole time, which has slowed them down a little bit,” Adkins said. “But the progress the contractors are making on both the projects are good.”

Adkins said the other project going well is a storm sewer project on the south side of Hillsboro.

“But, we still should be towards the end of January hopefully being done,” Adkins said. “And then, like I said, sometime next year, somewhere around June, the state’s coming through to resurface the whole street.”

However, Adkins also said that the holidays “might” slow down the progress somewhat because some time will be taken off for Christmas and New Year’s.

Adkins previously said the project would take about 90 to 120 days to finish.

“I just hope everybody can be patient with us,” Adkins said previously. “It’s something that’s been needing done a long time. I just don’t want to tear up a new road. So, hopefully, everybody’ll just be patient with us and we’ll get ‘er done just as soon as we can.”

Adkins said the street was in bad shape because of multiple water main breaks on the road. He also said some of the water lines were more than 100 years old.

“Here’s what happened is we know that we’ve been having a water break down North West Street and ODOT is coming in June next year to resurface that, so we were able to get the money to put the new water line in and some other stuff came through with hooking up private lines, and this time frame just worked out,” Adkins said. “Just so happened to work out so we could have it done before the paving in June of next year.”

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