Hillsboro pedestrian struck


A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle Saturday in Hillsboro at about 8:30 p.m. while crossing Fenner Road near Highland District Hospital.

The responding police officer determined that Tammy Zimmerman, 39, of Hillsboro, was walking in the 1200 block of North High Street when a vehicle operated by Timothy Marhoover, 58, of Chillicothe, turned onto Fenner Road from North High Street and struck her.

Following the incident, Zimmerman was transported to Highland District Hospital by the Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District.

“The pedestrian was not in the crosswalk and was struck while crossing Fenner Road near Highland District Hospital,” said Sgt. Aaron Reynolds of the Hillsboro Police Department. “The pedestrian that was struck just got off work at Burger King and was walking to the hospital to be seen.”

“The driver of the vehicle turned left onto Fenner from North High Street,” Reynolds added. “The pedestrian was wearing all black dark clothing, and there was heavy fog in the area that resulted in the driver being unable to see the female.”

The police report did not state the extent of the injuries, but Zimmerman was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

“I know she was going to the hospital initially,” said Reynolds. “In her statement to law enforcement she said she was headed that direction, so I don’t know if she went because of her injuries or if she went because she was going there anyway.”

The police report listed minor to no damage to the vehicle, and no citations were issued to either the driver or the pedestrian.

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