Baseball, softball fields not done


Plans that originally had the Hillsboro schools baseball and softball teams playing home games on the school campus this spring have been changed due to delays by the crews constructing the fields, superintendent Tim Davis said at Monday’s board of education meeting.

However, track is expected to be held on campus where a new artificial turf soccer field is being installed inside the track.

“They have assured me we will be ready to go for the first track on March 25,” said Davis, adding that there could be some issues with first lane or two of the track. He said the turf was supposed to start being placed Wednesday.

The superintendent said the completion date for the on-campus baseball and softball fields has been pushed back to June due to construction delays. So, home games for the baseball and softball teams will be held for another year at Shaffer Park.

With the school on the south edge of town and Shaffer Park on the north end of town, the school district has long wanted to eliminate the need for students to travel across town for games or practices.

The school district announced last July that it was planning a $2.7 million project to build a new artificial turf soccer field at the high school/middle school campus and new baseball and softball diamonds that would have artificial turf on the infields only.

The grass at the Richards Memorial Field, where home football games are played, is not being replaced.

The new baseball and softball fields will be located where a practice soccer field was located on the south side of the tennis courts. Davis previously said the turf will allow the teams to play more games. He also said turf is only being placed on the infield of the baseball and softball diamonds because the district did not want to spend another $1.5 million to turf the outfields.

In another matter, the school board approved the following supplemental contracts, contingent on satisfactory background checks and proper certification: Gary Breeden, varsity softball coach; Kyleah Brey, assistant softball coach; Richard Burns, elementary wrestling coordinator; Wyatt Condo, assistant baseball; Matt Garman, varsity baseball; Fawn Girard, middle school girls track; Stephanie Haines, assistant girls track; Breanna Karnes, middle school girls track; Megan MacIvor, reserve softball; Bud Marsh, varsity boys track; Ben Miller, reserve baseball; Jack O’Rourke, middle school boys track; Rob Snavely, girls varsity track; Duston Richards, assistant baseball; Bobby Thornburgh, assistant softball; Larue Turner, boys tennis; Ben Young, middle school boys track.

The following volunteers were approved: Cameron Cayse, high school baseball; Grant Crum, high school baseball; Jason Dearmon, high school softball; Jarrod Hart, high school track; Justin Scott, high school baseball.

Treasurer Ben Teeters reported that the school district’s general fund balance at the end of January was $7,764,025 compared to $6,664,333 the same time a year ago. January’s expenses were $2,539,185 compared to $2,567,691 last year; and revenue for the month was $2,244,952 compared to $3,219,318 a year ago.

The board accepted the following donations: an anonymous $200 donation for elementary cafeteria charges; $600 to $1,000 from Matt Miller toward a set of four CPR certification mannequins for the high school; $1,000 from Rent 2 Own for the high school band; and $175 from Sherwin Williams for cleaning supplies.

During the public participation part of the meeting, local resident Clyde Hoover addressed the board about topics including Adam and Eve and the evil in men’s hearts, self-defense, the country’s open borders, the elimination of carbon footprint energy, the national debt, his belief against transgender athletes born as men playing women’s sports, and other issues. Hoover told the board he had spoke his mind and did not need a response.

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