Commissioners honor 22-0 Fairfield Lions squad


The Highland County Board of Commissioners proclaimed its congratulations to the Fairfield HIgh School boys basketball team for its 22-0 regular season. “We just want to congratulate you guys for the season that you’ve had,” Terry Britton, the president of the board, said. “You know, you’ve set the bar very high for Leesburg-Fairfield, and I know that Coach Williams is probably going to keep this going, these 22-0 seasons from here on out. But, it’s been a great run. You know, the whole county was basically following you guys and, you know, when you got to that midpoint at 10-0 and then you kept moving forward, you’ve done something that no other team has done in Leesburg, so we congratulate you.” Pictured are (l-r) Dave Daniels, Larkin Friend, Logan McIntosh, Janre Lerio, Cade Miller, Brad Roades, Gunner Bennington, Wyatt Collins, TJ Mootz, Gabe Fouch, Jaylen Daulton, Chase Newman, Dane Hodson, Trey House, Ashleigh Willey, Quentin Williams and Britton.

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