County Democrats hold Spring Dinner


The Highland County Democratic Party convened on March 30 for its Spring Dinner at the party headquarters on Chillicothe Avenue. It was a wonderful evening with more than 50 persons attending.

Carolyn Goins provided an opening prayer for the meal. David Pepper, former chair of the Ohio Democratic Party, was the guest speaker. He noted that the biggest threat to democracy is our state governments as elected officials in many states, including Ohio, are more beholden to private entities that they are to public needs. Pepper explained that in Ohio, elected officials in state government formed alliances with private companies such as First Energy and ECOT. These alliances led to unlawful or unethical activity. He expressed concern that the extreme gerrymandering (creating congressional districts that ensure one party rule) is leading to state leadership that is no longer accountable to public needs. With extreme gerrymandering, state and national representatives are sure of their re-election and remain partisan. Therefore, Ohio is falling behind in many indicators of growth and progress.

Samantha Meadows, candidate for Congressional District (OH-2), was also present and spoke to the group about her plans to travel throughout the district as she continues her work for the party. She is committed to addressing the needs of Highland County residents.

Dinah Phillips, party chair, expressed much thanks to party members for outstanding efforts for the party growth, including creating a Highland County Democratic Party Facebook Page, a regular newsletter, and local advertisement signs. Phillips also thanked Bonnie Parr, Jolene Walker, Carolyn Goins, Charlotte Harbut, Kate Cameron and the women’s group for organizing our events. She announced that the headquarters is now a permanent home and thanked the many donors for making it possible.

John Knauff was the guest auctioneer and a lively, fun auction of member donated items concluded the evenings events.

If you want more information about the local Democratic Party, message the party on Facebook (search for Highland County Democratic Party) or contact Dinah Phillips at

Submitted by Linda Emery, Highland County Democratic Party.

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