Winds nearing 50 mph hit county


A weekend storm in Highland County saw the area receive winds nearing 50 miles per hour (MPH), according to Matthew Campbell, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service (NWS) in Wilmington.

The NWS stated that “After the severe weather event during the early morning hours on April 1, 2023, high winds impacted the region between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.,” with the organization reporting 46 mph winds in Greenfield at 11:15 a.m. Saturday.

“Yeah, so we had a very strong low-pressure system move northwest of the area Friday night into Saturday morning,” Campbell said. “Associated with that, a cold front moved through the area, and ahead of that cold front, we had strong thunderstorms and throughout Highland County we only had one bit of damage from the storm, but we have one damage report of tree damage down there, so Highland County did not receive the worst damage. Most of the more severe damage and tornadic activity was northwest of Highland County at least.”

Campbell said a line of convection came through Friday night into early Saturday morning with winds that “could have been” up to 50 mph “and then once again” closer to mid-day Saturday afternoon. Campbell also said the county had what the organization calls a synoptic-scale high wind event not associated with any convection.

Dave Bushelman, director of Highland County Emergency Management Agency, said that he wasn’t aware of any damage that came to the county. However, he also said “there were some power outages” but nothing “significant” in terms of those outages.

For possible upcoming storms, Campbell said there’s a “slight risk” on Wednesday.

“We’re looking at possible showers, thunderstorms,” he said. “Looks more likely Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday evening for Highland County. Those storms could be severe. We’re still working out the details on that. But yeah, there’s definitely a chance for severe weather Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday evening ahead of another cold front.”

He said Thursday should be “fine,” with there being an “outside chance” for storms on Tuesday. However, he said that it would “most likely” be dry and that the organization isn’t predicting a high probability for severe weather on Tuesday.

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