New polling place for three precincts


The Highland County Board of Elections has relocated the polling location for three precincts — 76-Paint North, 77-Paint Southeast, and 78-Paint Southwest — from Rainsboro Elementary School to the new South Central Power Company location at 12385 U.S. Route 50 near Rainsboro.

The move was made because of concern for Rainsboro Elementary students and a more accommodating location becoming available.

“We’re doing it to be conscious of the kids because they were going to take an in-service day that day when we were having voting going on,” said Highland County Board of Elections Director David Tolliver. “The South Central location meets some of the (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements a little better because it’s a little flatter there, and there are no busses going in and out.”

All other polling locations in Highland County will remain unchanged for the May 2 primary/special election.

The following is a list of polling locations for all precincts in Highland County:

North Joint Fire District Building

200 South St.

Leesburg, Ohio

Precinct 30-Leesburg

Precinct 33-Fairfield East

Precinct 34-Fairfield West

Hillsboro Church of Christ, Room 1

155 W. Walnut St.

Hillsboro, Ohio

Precinct 17-Hillsboro Northeast

Precinct 19-Hillsboro Northwest

Precinct 23-Hillsboro Southeast

Hillsboro Church of Christ, Room 2

155 W. Walnut St.

Hillsboro, Ohio

Precinct 27-Hillsboro Southwest A

Precinct 28-Hillsboro Southwest B

Lynchburg Fire Department

8123 State Route 135

Lynchburg, Ohio

Precinct 37-Lynchburg

Precinct 39-Dodson

Danville Church of Christ

4917 State Route 138

Hillsboro, Ohio

Precinct 56-Hamer

Precinct 83-Salem

Hills & Dales Training Center

8919 U.S. Route 50

Hillsboro, Ohio

Precinct 61-Liberty Northeast

Precinct 63-Liberty South

South Central Power Company

12385 U.S. Route 50

Hillsboro, Ohio

Precinct 76-Paint North

Precinct 77-Paint Southeast

Precinct 78-Paint Southwest

Chapel of Hope

12986 State Route 41 North

Precinct 01-Greenfield North

Precinct 10-Greenfield South

Precinct 66-Madison

Marshall Community Center

11090 State Route 124

Hillsboro, Ohio

Precinct 46-Brushcreek

Precinct 59-Jackson

Precinct 70-Marshall

Mowrystown Church of Christ Community Center

28 W. Main St.

Mowrystown, Ohio

Precinct 43-Whiteoak

Precinct 50-Clay

Hopewell Education Center

5350 New Market Rd.

Hillsboro, Ohio

Precinct 53-Concord

Precinct 73-New Market

Southern State Community College Patriot Center

100 Hobart Dr.

Hillsboro, Ohio

Precinct 62-Liberty Northwest

Precinct 80-Penn

Precinct 85-Union

Precinct 87-Washington

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