Gas prices climb significantly in Hillsboro


Gas prices have skyrocketed in Hillsboro compared to the last time The Times-Gazette reported on the prices, but everywhere else has seen the opposite trend, according to a news release and statistics from the American Automobile Association (AAA).

When The Times-Gazette last reported on gas prices on May 9, 2023, the price at one location in Hillsboro had a price of $3.16 per gallon and now at the same location it is $3.51.

However, that spike has not been seen nationally and statewide, according to AAA.

Statistics from AAA for the national gas prices, updated on Thursday, showed that the current gas price was $3.536 countrywide, with that average down from $3.676 last month.

The AAA news release said reasons for the pricing include falling demand and the low cost of oil.

“Despite mild weather and a less volatile economic forecast, drivers are not hitting the road and raising gasoline demand to traditional seasonal levels,” Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson, said. “It’s possible this is merely the lull before Memorial Day, but it could be a trend that lingers into summer. Stay tuned.”

The release said new information from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said gas demand fell from 9.30 million barrels per day to 8.91 b/d as the total domestic gasoline stock also went down by 1.4 million barrels (bbl) to 218.3 million bbl.

AAA said Ohio had the 15th highest gas price of all of the states in the county plus Washington, D.C. The site said Ohio’s average price per gallon was $3.542 as of Tuesday. That is a decrease from one month ago when the price per gallon was $3.617, according to AAA.

The lowest area gas prices, according to GasBuddy on Thursday, were:

* Chillicothe — The lowest price was $3.49 at multiple places.

* Greenfield — The lowest price was $3.49 at multiple places.

* Hillsboro — The lowest price was $3.46 at Murphy USA.

* Mount Orab — The lowest price was $3.69 at multiple places.

* Wilmington — The lowest price was $3.39 at Sunoco.

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