Day resigns as Hillsboro auditor


Two days after the official results for the 2023 Highland County Primary Election showed that appointed incumbent Hillsboro Auditor Patty Day lost by a significant margin to first-time candidate Dawson Barreras, a news release from county Republican party chair Paulette Donley said Friday that Day has announced that she will resign before her term is completed.

The news release said the Highland County Republican Central Committee received a notice of resignation from Day effective June 2, 2023.

“Pursuant to ORC Section 733.31 D2, not less than five nor more than 45 days after the vacancy, the county central committee, acting through its members who reside in the city, shall meet for the purpose of making an appointment to fill the vacancy,” the news release said.

Day was appointed as executive secretary of the Highland County Society for Children and Adults in February of last year, then was appointed to the city auditor position in late November last year. She replaced Alex Butler, who resigned after winning an election as county auditor.

Day was defeated by Barreras by a final tally of 365 to 229.

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