Cashier charged, no alley trash, Ulh All-American


Editor’s note — We’re continuing our tradition of taking a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from years gone by.

This week in 1931, The Greenfield Republican reported that C.C. Redkey, cashier of the Leesburg Bank that closed two weeks prior, appeared before the Justice of Peace Fling in Hillsboro on charges of making a false entry and a false report.

The McClain Auditorium held “one of the best high school entertainments seen here in several hears” with “Pickles”, a three-act act musical comedy, with the songs “high-class” and “exceptionally well-rendered.”

Harry Mallow, also known as Cap, was painting the residence of Arthur Slagle on North Washington Street when the ladder he was using slipped, causing Mallow to fall 8 feet and break a bone in his left leg between his knee and ankle.

The Greenfield Council passed an ordinance that made it unlawful to put ashes, tin cans, brush, rubbish or trash of any other type into the street or alley, with violations punishable with a fine of no less than $5 and no more than $25.

In sports, the McClain High School track squad won the Class B district meet held in Athens scoring 42 points, with Chauncey placing second with 31 points and Coolville third with 28 points.

The Lyric Theatre, located in Greenfield, advertise multiple showings, including “Silver Horse,” starring Evelyn Brent, “New York Nights,” starring Norma Talmadge, and “She Got What She Wanted,” starring Betty Compson.

IGA advertised multiple products including a can of fancy-diced carrots for 10 cents, a large package of cornflakes for 10 cents, five packages of macaroni for 25 cents and a pint jar of sweet pickles for 15 cents.

This week in 1956, The Greenfield Daily Times reported that Greenfield Mayor Robert Smith appointed 36 men and women to become members of the new Mayor’s Advisory Committee and were asked to help plan the town’s development.

Greenfield schools received a check for $49,946 from its share of the second quarterly distribution of the Ohio School Foundation funds, with the 15 local school districts in the Highland County school system totaling $93,066.

The possibility of moving the Greenfield Village Jail was discussed at the Greenfield Village Council, where moving it to either the current council room, which was rejected 4-2, or the current library room.

The Ford Foundation in New York City announced the payment of $31,072,150 to more than 1,000 hospitals, one of them being Highland Community Hospital that received $9,450 as a first-half payment of the grant.

In sports, “Big” Bill Uhl, University of Dayton senior, was honored as Greenfield’s third All-American basketball player at the McClain Cafeteria with a testimonial dinner, with Uhl thanking multiple people from the school.

The Rand Theatre advertised its CinemaScope technology, color by Technicolor, and “Picnic”, directed by Josha Logan and starring William Holden, Kim Novak, Betty Field and Rosalind Russell.

Uhl Bros. Super Market advertised multiple products including a 24-ounce jar of peanut butter for 39 cents, a six-ounce can of lemonade for 12.5 cents and three pounds of skinless wieners for $1.

This week in 1981, The Greenfield Daily Times reported that Johnny Stewart was planned to be the speaker for Greenfield’s Memorial Day observance, with Greenfield Mayor Dick Counter the grand marshal.

Four McClain High School students got recognized by the state in the Ohio Tests of Scholastic Achievement, with those four students being Dennis Whalen, John Phillips, Michael Cunningham and Julie Everhart.

Bile Rine, of Rine Construction Products, and John Wellinger, of Hydrozo Coatings Co., met with the Highland County Board of Commissioners to discuss their water-repellent sealer for brick walls and the possibility of its use for the courthouse bricks.

Dr. Thomas Jones, M.D., announced that he planned to return to Greenfield to resume the family practice that he had from 1962 to 1972 before returning to his home of Maryland where he ran two emergency clinics.

In sports, three McClain Tigers were named to their respective All-South Central Ohio League teams, with Lisa Kinzer named to the girl’s track team, Cindy Narcross to the girl’s softball team and Dusty Miller to the boy’s baseball team.

Chillicothe Furniture advertised multiple products, including a four-piece bedroom suite for $359, metal folding chairs for $8.99, children’s upholstered rockers for $24.99 and a twin-size Ottoman sleeper for $219.

The Rand Theater, located in Greenfield, advertised “Kill and Kill Again,” directed by Ivan Hall and starring James Ryan, Anneline Kriel and Michael Mayer.

This week in 2006, The Times-Gazette reported that cyclists from the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure were scheduled to make their way into Hillsboro as a part of the annual event, this year’s version bringing about 3,000 participants.

The Hillsboro City Council held a meeting with the utility commission, where members of the latter unanimously agreed to lower the deposit for property owners and tenants by 50 percent from $150 to $75.

The Highland District Hospital Foundation announced that it received a $12,000 from the Cassner Foundation, with the money designated to be used in support of the HDH Foundation’s Diabetes and You – Living the Wellness Lifestyle program and its mammogram voucher program.

Mowrystown, the White Oak Township History Committee and local businesses announced multiple events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the city, including a Founders’ Day Parade.

In sports, the Fairfield Lady Lions softball team won the Division IV Southeast District Tournament championship by a score of 9-4 over the Green Lady Bobcats, giving Fairfield its first “Sweet Sixteen” appearance since 1986.

Bob Malcom Chrysler, Dodge Jeep advertised multiple products, including a 1998 Grand Cherokee 4×4 with air-conditioning for $7,500 and a 2004 Town and Country with only 27,295 miles for $14,995.

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