Commissioners promote KAMP Dovetail


The Highland County Board of Commissioners promoted KAMP Dovetail and its volunteers at its weekly Wednesday morning meeting.

Commission president Terry Britton said the event is going on throughout the week. He said the commissioners planned to attend the event on Wednesday to cook hamburgers and attended on Tuesday for a ribbon-cutting for a new horse barn. He also said that the board thanked the state at the event because it played a big part in the new barn.

“So, we just wanna thank them for their partnership that they’ve had with KAMP Dovetail and the whole camping situation that they got,” Britton said.

Britton said the event was started 41 years ago by Supplementary Assistance to The Handicapped (SATH), which Linda Allen now runs. He said he isn’t sure how many people that first year’s event had, but that he knew it wasn’t a big number. He said the event has a “great number” of volunteers, none of which are paid, from all over the county and more.

“It’s just inspiring to go out and see the dedication of the staff, the volunteers,” commissioner Dave Daniels said. “I mean, we’re gonna go out today and cook some hamburgers. Rotary was out there yesterday serving lunch. They’ve got, you know, it’s the whole county and the whole community is involved in this. And, it just truly is for people to be able to go out and see what’s available and what SATH and Linda Allen has been able to put together for these campers over the years and it’s just not showing up in a few activities. It’s boating, it’s horseback riding. It’s inspiring to go out and see and we’re lucky that it’s gone on as long as it has and the community has not only supported it with their volunteer efforts but their financial efforts as well.”

In other news, Ted McReynolds, president of The Friends of the Highland County Dog Pound, was in attendance to ask multiple questions about dog-related issues.

Following a question about a third dog warden, Daniels said the process has been “slow.” He said that application was resubmitted to instead look for full-time employment rather than finding a couple of part-timers.

Daniels also said that when looking for the new dog warden some things the county is looking for are somebody that can do some of the social media work of promoting the dogs and then the adoption work as well.

The board of commissioners also approved a letter of support for local government for critical infrastructure for cyber improvements of the assessment and conducting of training programs on cyber security.

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