Man run over by tractor


Late Monday evening a 72-year-old man was “apparently” run over by a tractor on Pleasant Road in Highland County, according to Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera.

Barrera said the event happened at around 6 p.m. Monday evening when the man was “run over” by the tractor. He then said that the life squad was sent to the scene, with UC Air Care also arriving. He also said that air care then flew the man to Cincinnati, with the life squad the only organization on the scene.

“It looked like he must have been back in that field and they had to move him out on an ATV or something,” Barrera said.

Dave Manning, fire chief for Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District, said that in reading his report of the incident, the 72-year-old man was the only one involved in the incident.

“Our fire department responded with a Gator to assist in getting the patient out of the field to the helicopter,” Manning also said.

This story will be updated with further information when it becomes available.

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