Highland Co. FSC elects officers


The Highland County Family and Consumer Sciences Board meetings for 2023 are underway!

Highland County’s FCS board is responsible for promoting the industry of Family and Consumer Sciences while helping out those in the community.

In the recent meetings they have discussed multiple things involving upcoming summer judging and the annual style revue and awards ceremony. On June 1, multiple members participated in the STEM Exploration Day for Highland, Clinton and Fayette counties where they conducted experiments involving science while promoting different 4-H projects involving Family and Consumer Sciences.

In their most recent meeting they elected new officers which included the following: president Wyatt Morrow, vice president Kathryn Ogden, secretary Sydney Hamilton, news reporter Hailey Halterman, clothing and textile representative Leah Robinson, food and nutrition representative Lilly Royse, and FCS Special Interest Representative Elizabeth Ogden.

Their next event is the Style Revue and Awards ceremony which will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 18 in the Southern State Community College Auditorium. This ceremony will recognize 4-H members who have shown high proficiency in their FCS projects judged at summer judging while highlighting the clothing and textile exhibitors who will walk the runway and showcase their outfits from their projects.

Submitted by Hannah Holland, Hillsboro FFA.

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