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Last week, Mary Jean and I had our yearly trip with our entire family. Like always it was a blast. We spent the week in a rented house at Lake Norris. The lake was beautiful and the weather was perfect. I would suggest it to anyone. There was very little to do other than spend time together, which made it even better.

On the way home while everyone but me was fast asleep, I had some time to think.

We headed north on Interstate 75 in the fast lane going 60 MPH. As far as I could see there were solid cars going at about the same speed as the slow lane. Moving left and right proved nothing. As we went down a rather large hill I could see what the problem was. There was a white small SUV in the fast lane with no other cars in front of it. This blew my mind. Does this SUV not see the problems they are causing? We have all seen the sign that says, “Slower traffic keep right?” This car was clueless as to the chaos it was causing.

Having a whole lot of time on my hands this got me thinking again. I’m not sure which one of my kids made me aware of this wonderful phrase. Most of you already know it. I was just made aware of it a short time back. SMH or “shaking my head”. And it works so much in our world today. After the guy that was holding up so many cars behind him made me SMH, I started making a list of other things that make me do the same. I started and had trouble stopping as the list kept going. My thoughts: If only I were in charge I could fix so many issues we all face! I thought I would share just a portion of them with anyone reading this article. Maybe you can come up with many of your own.

● Taking up both armrests at the movie theater;

● Being a one upper;

● Replying to all;

● Low talkers;

● “I did a thing.”;

● I am not your Bro.;

● Everyone gets a trophy;

● People that do not give the wave when someone let’s them out;

● Tips are earned, not required;

● Not saying, “Can I help you,” “Hello,” or something when I go up to the counter to order;

● Parking outside the lines;

● Many questions can be answered simply yes or no;

● Don’t use your speaker phone at the grocery or the doctor’s office;

● When the text is over, please stop texting;

● Drive the same speed as you pull out in front of me;

● Please don’t make me pull ahead at the drive-through;

● If you love or are upset with your spouse, tell them. The internet is not the place;

● You don’t have to prove to me you are happy online. Just show me if I must know;

● Stop hiring me to run the self-checkout line;

● When I make changes to my cell phone, please use English as the language I hear;

● Line cutters;

● Listen to me rather than plan your rebuttal;

● I don’t care about all the cool stuff your phone can do;

● Telling me how busy you are when the job doesn’t get done;

● When it’s your turn in line, know what you want to eat;

● Taking a full cart of groceries through the express lane;

● That noise dogs make when they lick themselves;

● Let me ax you a question;

● Why are there still places my cell phone won’t work?

And one of my personal favorites: Will someone please teach me that cool handshake the guys do? I just can’t seem to get that one!!!

Now some of these are not laws or even rules but shouldn’t they be? I think all of these should be added as amendments to the U.S. Constitution and the punishment should be very stiff for all those who break them. Who is with me?

I just thought of another one. People say their thoughts and call it a rant. Maybe that’s what I just did!

Randy Butler is a lifelong resident of Highland County and a licensed real estate agent.

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