Knauff’s SAE is alpacas


Throughout a student’s years in an FFA chapter they are required to have an SAE project, which is a Supervised Agricultural Experience. As long as this experience relates to agriculture and has progress that is trackable it can be considered a SAE project.

Outstanding projects are recognized at the annual awards ceremony at the end of the year, and awards are given to those who apply for the award and are selected in each proficiency category.

The projects are so diverse and there are many different options for SAE projects. Placement and Entrepreneurship projects range from working at a deli slicing meat, growing tomato plants in a garden, showing animals competitively and more.

One of the Hillsboro FFA chapter officers, Addyston Knauff, has a unique SAE this year. She has been taking care of alpacas that she shows competitively. She will also be showing at the Highland County Fair this year.

Alpacas are a new addition to the fair this year and Knauff has a passion for them. “It’s exciting to bring a new variety of livestock to the Hillsboro FFA and to have the ability to teach others about the opportunities camelids bring to the agriculture industry,” Knauff said.

Each SAE project tracks the income and expenses of the project, as well as how many hours the member has put into the project. SAEs are important for FFA members. They allow students to independently manage their projects while also being supervised by advisors Brian Cummings and Libby McNeal. SAE projects teach students important life skills such as time management, being responsible for important decisions, and money management.

Pictured: Addyston Knauff with her SAE project; alpacas

Submitted by Halle Jones, Hillsboro FFA.

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