McClain wins second FAC match


The McClain girls golf team defeated Greeneview, 240-281, Wednesday at Jasper Hills Golf Club after finishing just two strokes off the lead Tuesday in the inaugural Frontier Athletic Conference match of the season, then the Lady Tigers came full circle Thursday by winning the second FAC match of the season.

Team results, which league standings in parenthesis, are shown below:

McClain (8-2) 231

Jackson (4-5-1) 244

Miami Trace (7-3) 250

Hillsboro (7-3) 261

Washington (3-7) 264

Chillicothe (0-9-1) No team score

Individual results for McClain were: Kallie Posey (JR) 55, Jacolyn Bolender (SR) 56, Kaylin Sterling (SO) 59, Abbie Lovett (JR) 61, Avery Murphy (SO) 66 and Kate Barrett (JR) 72.

Jackson individual scores were: Aubrey Arnold (SO) 43, Alia Rippeth (JR) 59, Ava Jenkins (FR) 70, Bambi Smallwood (SO) 72.

Miami Trace individual scores were: Kelsey Douglas (FR) 59, Alison Reeves (FR) 62, Ashlynd Hippely (FR) 64, Emily Keaton (FR) 65 and Karli Wilson (FR) 68.

Hillsboro individual scores were: Emma Yochum (JR) 56, Addy Knauff (JR) 67, Grace Watson (SR) 69, Rylea Scarberry (SO) 69, Reagan Leeth (SO) 71 and Halle Jones (JR) 72.

Washington Court House individual scores were: Faith Wynne (SO) 54, Gwendolyn Duncan (JR) 66, Addison Yahn (FR) 72, Kaylee Perkins (FR) 72 and Leah Marine (SO) 72.

Chillicothe individual scores were: Morgan Webb (SR) 60, Addison Smith (SR) 64 and Qiuchengxi Su (SO) 70.

McClain individual scores against Greeneview were: Kaylin Sterling 52, Kallie Posey 64, Rylee Perkins 64, Maguire Ross 74, Reese Roble 60 and Audrey Chamblin 75.

Greeneview individual scores were: Addie Smith 63, Kylie Cavender 72, Alayna Payton 75 and Caitlin Hubble 71.

Tuesday at the Franklin Valley Golf Course where Jackson was the host the McClain girls finished two strokes behind winning Hillsboro and one stroke behind Miami Trace in the first FAC match of the season.

Team scores were: Hillsboro 234, Miami Trace 235, McClain 236 and Washington 245. Chillicothe and Miami Trace did not have enough players to qualify for a team score.

The FAC standings after the first round are:

Hillsboro’s individual scores were: junior Emma Yochum 51, senior Grace Watson 58, junior Halle Jones 61, junior Addy Knauff 64, sophomore Reagan Leeth 66 and sophomore Rylea Scarberry 66.

McClain individual scores were: junior Abbie Lovett 54, sophomore Kaylin Sterling 59, junior Kallie Posey 61, sophomore Avery Murphy 62, senior Jacolyn Bolender 64 and sophomore Rylee Perkins 64.

Miami Trace scores were: junior Emily Reeves 49, freshman Alison Reeves 61, freshman Ashlynd Hippely 62, freshman Emily Keaton 63, freshman Karli Wilson 63 and freshman Alexis May 67.

Washington scores were: sophomore Faith Wynne 47, junior Gwendolyn Duncan 67 and freshmen Addison Yahn and Kalyee Perkins 67s.

Chillicothe scores were: senior Addison Smith 56, senior Morgan Webb 58 and sophomore Quichengxi Su 64.

Jackson scores were: sophomore Aubrey, the match medalist, 41, junior Alia Rippeth 60 and freshman Ava Jenkins 66.

Information for this story was provided by McClain coach Derrick Lyons.

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