Bootlegger haul, runaway vehicle, pig club exhibit


Editor’s note — We’re continuing our tradition of taking a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from years gone by.

This week in 1922, The News-Herald reported that “the biggest haul so far” in Highland County for bootlegging was made when Marshal Fawley and Officer Elmore found a complete still in the kitchen of a home three miles south of Carmel in Brushcreek Township.

The possibility of Mack West having his nomination as county commissioner on the Democratic ticket being contested was discussed due to the judges of election in Jackson Township writing a cross in front of someone’s name for surveyor, therefore invalidating some ballots.

Professor H.B. Galliett, formerly a school teacher in 32 years in Highland County, 12 of which were spent as a member of the board of school examiners, was elected as a professor of French at Wilmington College following his resignation as superintendent of public schools at Bloomingsburg.

The Annual Pig Club Exhibit from the boys and girls of Highland County at the Highland County Farm Bureau was planned to be held, with the pigs shown off to be all purebreds of Poland, China and Duroc Jersey breeding.

A trial for a pulmotor was the way a newborn baby was saved by the Hillsboro Hospital, with the trial “so convincing that the need of such an addition to the equipment was at once recognized,” with the item purchased as a permanent addition.

The Forum Theatre advertised multiple showings including “Three Word Brand,” starring Bill Hart, “The Connecticut Yankees,” “Island Wives,” starring Corinne Griffith and “The Sucklins,” starring Monte Blue.

Ben C. Strain, Hillsboro grocer, advertised multiple products including a large package of Swans Down cake flour for 30 cents, 10 cents for a can of Campbell’s beans and a small can of George Washington instant coffee for 38 cents.

This week in 1951, The Greenfield Daily Times reported that Highland County set an all-time record budget for 1952 by Highland County Auditor Stanley Miller of $239,737, with “a substantial portion” of the budget from the requests by the Child Welfare Board and Mt. Logan Sanitorium.

An unoccupied vehicle rolled backward from its parking spot and hit a home at 134 Jefferson St. in Greenfield, leading to several shingles and covered-over weather-boarding being crushed.

Pearl Daniels, a veteran member of the Greenfield Village Council, announced that he planned to withdraw his candidacy for re-election, with Daniels one of the six Republican nominees on the November ticket.

In sports, the Local 307 softball team defeated Good Hope Foster’s in a Muny Softball League matchup by a score of 10-7 thanks to 10 hits by the Local 307 side, with J. Howland getting the win for Local 307.

The Rand Theatre, located in Greenfield, advertised multiple films including “The Milkman,” starring Donald O’Connor and Piper Laurie, and “Along the Great Divide,” starring Kirk Douglas and Virginia Mayo.

A&P Food Stores, located at 311 Jefferson St. in Greenfield, advertised multiple products including fresh drying chicken for 60 cents per pound, a 25-pound bag of Sunnyfield flour for $1.89 and a 22-pound average Indiana watermelon for 69 cents.

This week in 1976, The Press-Gazette reported that nine vehicles in an area of West South Street and West Pleasant Street were spray-painted red and black on their driver’s side causing residents to make the city police aware of the fact.

The board of governors for Highland District Hospital approved a motion to send a letter to the board of commissioners urging them to support a county-wide system of ambulance services, estimated at a yearly cost of $170,000.

The Hillsboro City Council planned to meet with an architectural firm to discuss the possible cost of building a new firehouse building or remodeling the existing firehouse, with the council voting 6-0 in favor of meeting with a professional firm.

The 11 member counties of the Ohio Valley Regional Development District, which included Highland County, had the possibility of benefiting from a new allocation of highway program funds over the following four years.

In sports, Donald “Bud” Marsh, a 1976 Hillsboro High School graduate, started football practice at the West Virginia Institute of Technology, with the player told he’d be tried at either tight end or defensive end.

Chakere’s Colony Theatre, located in Hillsboro, advertised multiple films including “The Bad News Bears,” starring Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal,” and “It’s Alive,” starring John P. Ryan and Sharon Farrell.

Foster’s, located at the corner of South High and Walnut streets in Hillsboro, advertised multiple products including summer beach hats for 99 cents, leisure shirts for $2 and girl’s dresses from $4 to $8.

This week in 2001, The Times-Gazette reported that Hillsboro City Schools announced its 2001-02 program for free and reduced-priced meals and free milk for children that couldn’t pay the full price.

McClain High School announced that it planned to offer those with bachelor’s degrees the opportunity to earn a master’s degree, offered through Wright State University, with classes held at McClain High School.

Greenfield Village Council announced that it unanimously adopted an ordinance prohibiting skateboarders and rollerbladers from doing any riding that “would cause damage to property in the downtown area.”

Peebles Department Stores held its ribbon-cutting with over 40 people in attendance, one of them being Alice Utterback, Peebles vice president regional manager.

In sports, the Greenfield McClain boys golf squad lost to Chillicothe by a score of 157-173 at the Buckeye Hills Golf Club.

Star Cinemas, located at 211 Harry Sauner Rd. in Hillsboro, advertised multiple films including “The Princess Diaries,” starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, and “American Outlaws,” starring Colin Farrell and Kathy Bates.

The Farquhar Company advertised savings for a new air-conditioning and heating system that uses “about half as much energy as older systems” for $17.45 per week and no money down.

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