Garden club prepares for fair


The Hillsboro Garden Club met on Aug. 22 to prepare for the upcoming Highland County Fair. After a thorough cleaning of Floral Hall, the meeting was called to order by president Judith Stivender.

The roll call question, “Do you have fair entries?” was answered by 15 members and one guest.

The July minutes were accepted as previously distributed. Marilyn Hiestand moved, and Nancy Sonner seconded, the motion, and all were in favor.

The treasurer’s report was given by Ruth Anna Duff. All were in favor.

The 2023 landscaping awards committee presented their nominees. In the community category were the First Baptist Church of Hillsboro for the neatness of the plants and scrubs, and the Hillsboro House of Deliverance for the new planters out front.

In the residence category, the homes at 124 W. Collins Ave. and 409 W. Walnut St. were chosen. Nancy Baldwin moved, and Larry Moore seconded, a motion to accept the four nominees. The motion passed.

In other business, Lynn Luman passed around a sign-up sheet for “guard duty” in Floral Hall during fair week.

The incoming board members were inducted. Stivender was thanked for her stellar tenure as club president. The new board will be Jennifer West, president; Connie Hilliard, vice president; Lynn Luman, secretary; and Ruth Anna Duff continues as treasurer.

Stivender displayed a reflective design, which was a three-dimensional creative design that contains some components that must reflect, give back images, and involve the viewer through the use of that reflection.

The meeting was adjourned, and the members enjoyed refreshments provided by Mary Smith and Lynn Luman.

Be sure to visit Floral Hall during the 2023 county fair.

The next garden club meeting will be Sept. 26 at 6:30 p.m. All gardeners are welcome.

Submitted by Jennifer West, Hillsboro Garden Club.

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