Fairfield, Hillsboro, McClain run at invite


KINNIKINNICK — Runners from Fairfield, Hillsboro and McClain took part recentlyin the Zane Trace Invitational. .

In the high school boys race, there were 17 schools represented and 199 runners.

Adena’s Ryan Richendollar won the event with a time of 17:02.40. Samuel Boys of Vinton County was a close second in 17:02.90 and Jayden Beverly of Chillicothe placed third in a time of 17:30.10.

In the girls race, Hillsboro placed fifth with 158 points; Chillicothe was seventh with 164 points; McClain was 12th with 325 points.

Katy Zang of Teays Valley won with a time of 20:11.03. There were 143 runners in the event. Meghan Worch of Westerville South was second in 20:46.16 and Kenzie Bice of Ridgewood was third in 20:57.19.

In the middle school girls race, Bishop Flaget won with 62 points.

Gabriella Maranzana of Bishop Flaget won in 12:46.06. Sophie Williams of Zane Trace placed second in a time of 14:01.26 and Naomi Boyd of Vinton County was third in 14:11.37.

There were 83 runners in the event.

Vinton County won the middle school boys meet with 72 points. Paint Valley was second with 92 placement points and Jackson was third with 111 points.

Hillsboro placed seventh with 151 points and Fairfield was 10th with 194 points.

Sam Hurff of Bishop Flaget won in a time of 12:15.09. Wesley Newton of Vinton County took second in 12:15.13 and Levi Wood of Chillicothe placed third in 12:38.06.

There were 95 runners in the event.

Results for Fairfield H.S. boys: Britton Campbell, 51st, 20:17.80; Ryan Smith, 55th, 20:24.30; Nolan Campbell, 59th, 20:32.60; Jordan Bennington, 68th, 20:51.20; Zach Ahsaruk, 80th, 21:18.20; Griffin Friend, 109th, 22:18.40; Caleb Rice, 115th, 22:32.60; Hayden Barrera, 193rd, 30:46.30; Gregary Achtermann, 194th, 31:08.60; John Kier, 197th, 31:36.40.

Results for Hillsboro H.S. boys: Rason Brunck, 16th, 18:31.60; Ryan Howland, 38th, 19:37.40; Cooper Swope, 108th, 22:17.50; Jayden Wells, 189th, 28:39.40.

Results for McClain H.S. boys: Dart Stovall, 107th, 22:16.40; Nathan Alvarez, 162nd, 25:03.10; Nicolas Alvarez, 163rd, 25:03.50; Jesse Van Hoose, 185th, 28:09.90; Max Colburn, 191st, 29:37.30; Avery Truman, 192nd, 30:09.30.

Results for Hillsboro H.S. girls: Taylor Thoroman, 9th, 22:12.01; Ramsey Haines, 29th, 23:37.41; Brooklyn Lucarello, 45th, 24:41.65; Abbey Letts, 50th, 25:19.97; Olivia Covault, 61st, 26:13.92; Sofia Mezo-Mil, 135th, 36:42.93.

Results for Fairfield H.S. girls: Campbell Anne Friend, 127th, 34:23.97; Eleanore Warner, 128th, 34:24.56.

Results for McClain H.S. girls: Katrina Sturgeon, 64th, 26:31.61; Laura Barber, 81st, 28:30.58; Ashley Mitchell, 102nd, 30:01.41; Bailey Mitchell, 118th, 31:25.02; Vada Ponder, 129th, 34:34.83; Laura Stevenson, 130th, 34:51.35.

Results for Hillsboro M.S. girls: Parker Wilkin, 18th, 15:52.60; Emarey Schurman, 35th, 17:00.46.

Results for Greenfield M.S. girls: Kalliegh Freeze, 11th, 15:24.13; Adelynn Marple, 22nd, 16:17.35; Alaina Best, 69th, 21:09.67; Riley Lanning, 80th, 24: 41.66.

Results for Fairfield M.S. girls: Iryna Reeves, 46th, 18:09.52.

Results for Greenfield M.S. boys: Isaac Mincey, 37th, 14:26.82; Zander Lyons, 81st, 18:24.36.

Results for Hillsboro M.S. boys: Alexander Reed, 4th, 12:45.96; Mason Rinal, 14th, 13:14.45; Luke Letts, 39th, 14:28.97; Tyler Bender, 68th, 16:12.76; Robert Hanson, 82nd, 18:38.49.

Results for Fairfield M.S. boys: Blake Walters, 41st, 14:34.33; Vinny Ballard, 43rd, 14:49.51; Korbin Hixon, 54th, 15:24.76; Camden Caudill, 59th, 15:42.66; Tyrus Cumberland, 71st, 16:46.24; Kaiden Fite, 78th, 17:25.49; Jovani Herald, 94th, 26:57.14.

High School Boys

Team Results

Westerville South 59; Chillicothe 71; Marion Harding 110; Westfall 120; Vinton County 153; Jackson 167; Teays Valley 221; Fairfield 257; Zane Trace 269; Ridgewood 271; Washington 291; Huntington 298; North Adams 313; Miami Trace 319; Paint Valley 409; Madison-Plains 460; McClain 511.

High School Girls

Team Results

Westerville South 70; Teays Valley 79; Hilliard Darby 84; Vinton County 135; Hillsboro 158; Huntington 160; Chillicothe 164; Ridgewood 190; Zane Trace 225; Westfall 251; Marion Harding 277; McClain 325; North Adams 325.

Middle School

Girls Team Results

Bishop Flaget 62; Miami Trace 74; Westfall 74; Teays Valley East 80; North Adams 115; Teays Valley West 131; Huntington 176; Zane Trace 192.

Middle School Boys

Team Results

Vinton County 72; Paint Valley 92; Jackson 111; Miami Trace 124; Bishop Flaget 137; Adena 142; Hillsboro 151; Circleville 178; Washington 190; Fairfield 194; Teays Valley West 220.

Chris Hoppes is the sports editor for Record-Herald in Washington C.H.

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