The Letter Shop celebrates 65 years


This month, one of Greenfield’s iconic businesses, The Letter Shop, marks its 65th anniversary and the village of Greenfield recognized that milestone on Oct. 20.

What began as a small venture in Bert Wilkin’s garage in 1958 has transformed into a full-fledged digital printing powerhouse under the current leadership of Andrew Surritt III and Paula Freshour.

The journey of The Letter Shop is one of dedication, perseverance and evolution. Established by Guy E. “Bert” Wilkin, the shop initially offered letterheads, envelopes, statements and other simple print items. By 1968, demand necessitated a move to a larger building on North Fourth Street, previously the location of Wolf’s Grocery. A decade later, in 1977, the shop found its current home at 247 Jefferson St. with two full-time employees, Merrick Everhart and Steve Pearce.

Following Wilkin’s retirement, Pearce acquired the business in 1986, overseeing its growth through the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s. At its peak, the shop boasted four full-time staff members including Michael Freshour, James Chamblin, Clifton Chamblin and Pearce. It was during this era that The Letter Shop underwent considerable expansion, adding services like color press printing, commercial silk screen applications, and more.

The reins of the business changed hands again in 2019 when Michael Freshour and his wife, Paula, purchased the business from Pearce. Michael Freshour had a vision for a completely digital Letter Shop. Tragically, Freshour’s sudden illness in 2021 led him to ask his son-in-law, Andrew Surritt III, to oversee the day-to-day operations. Following Freshour’s passing, Andrew became the managing partner, keeping Mike’s dream alive by transitioning the shop to a 100% digital platform.

Today, The Letter Shop offers an array of services including commercial printing, banners, signage, promotional products, apparel and more, maintaining its legacy while embracing the future.

In celebration of its 65th anniversary, The Letter Shop has a treat in store for its patrons. Come the second week of November, it will be releasing limited edition holiday cards.

The Letter Shop stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of small businesses in Greenfield.

Visit The Letter Shop at 247 Jefferson St., Greenfield. It is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12-6 p.m. with special appointment slots available. You can email the shop at [email protected]. You may also call the shop at 937-981-3117.

This story was submitted by Wesley Surritt.

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