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Editor’s note — We’re continuing our tradition of taking a look back each Saturday at some of the important, interesting or even odd events as they were reported during the same week throughout the years, along with interesting advertising features from years gone by.

This week in 1940, The Greenfield Daily Times reported that Cleo Shaffer, a Democrat from Dodson Township, defeated Walter Workman, a Republican and former deputy sheriff, for Highland County sheriff, which was labeled the “focal point of interest” in the election.

A strong Republican trend was shown in other Highland County election battles as only two of eight Democrats won their battles for the local precincts, with Frank Marshall and Birdie Wise winning in Greenfield and Madison Township, respectively.

Harry Menshon and Emma Gillespie, both of Hillsboro, were given a preliminary hearing on a charge of check forgery, but Menshon said he could provide witnesses who could say that the alleged forged check was given without intent of forgery.

Employees of the Shirley Shop and the United Department Store were given a turkey dinner by the Driver family, alongside a centerpiece of a “beautifully-decorated” birthday cake for the Tannenbaum family present at the dinner party.

In sports, the Hillsboro varsity football team was scheduled to face off against a Circleville squad for a road matchup that Hillsboro was to be “strongly favored” in. The matchup was also Hillsboro’s final game of the season.

The Rand Theatre, located in Greenfield, advertised multiple showings including “Melody and Moonlight,” starring Johnny Downs, Barbara Allen and Jerry Colonna, and “The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady,” starring Warren Williams.

The Famous Store advertised multiple products, including a pound of salted peanuts for 11 cents, outing gowns for 48 cents, princess slips for 48 cents, 81-inch by 90-inch bed sheets for 39 cents and a 6-inch stove pipe for 17 cents.

This week in 1965, The Press-Gazette reported that a new “ribbon” of blacktop spanning around 3,400 feet, about a half-mile, on S.R. 138 southwest of Hillsboro was nearing completion, as the elevation and a bridge were removed for safety.

The official count of the Hillsboro election was released by the Highland County Board of Elections, as V.D. Christoffel, Republican, defeated Forrest Beery, Democrat, for the office of Hillsboro Mayor by only 27 votes.

George Williams, athletic director at Hillsboro High School, announced that the school’s final matchup of the season was designated as Parents Night and the parents of the players would be honored with in-game ceremonies.

Many hunting seasons were scheduled to open, according to Harold Weismiller, District Five assistant game management supervisor of the Ohio Division of Wildlife, with some of them including gun season for deer, cottontail rabbit and ring-necked pheasant, among others.

In sports, the Hillsboro varsity football team failed to pick up a victory as the Miamisburg Vikings defeated the Indians by a score of 32-14 thanks to two touchdowns by Vikings quarterback Tim Wagner.

Chakere’s Colony Theatre, located in Hillsboro, advertised multiple films, including “I Saw What You Did,” starring Joan Crawford, John Ireland and Leif Erickson, and “That Funny Feeling,” starring Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin.

Model Dry Cleaners, located at 108 E. Main St. in Hillsboro, advertised its cleaning services. Cotton sweaters were 49 cents to clean and cashmere and bulky items were 59 cents, with a free moth-proofing service alongside cleaning.

This week in 1990, The Press-Gazette reported that Great Scot was beginning to offer its schools, clubs, churches and non-profit organizations in the community the ability to use IBM and Apple computers as well as Epson printers, CD video players and VCRs for free.

The vote tabulation for an election saw multiple snags come up as the ballot tabulation computer broke down, the power went out and the radio station went off the air, with multiple races appearing to be decided and another still in the process of confirmation.

Pastor John Gregg Carson announced that he planned to retire from St. Mary’s Church at the end of the year following his 35th year in the position, and a special congregation was held on Oct. 14 to celebrate Carson’s years of service.

The Hillsboro Plant of the PMI Food Equipment Group was awarded the 1990 Corporate Quality Award, with its five team leaders including Steve Hendrickson, Thea Engle, Verl Butler, Gary Bailey and Jerry Leininger shown, among others.

In sports, the Hillsboro High School basketball team played to a 4-4 tie over eight quarters of scrimmages against Newton High School, as Hillsboro was able to come back following being down 4-2 following six quarters.

Chakere’s Colony Theatre, located in Hillsboro, advertised a showing of “Ghost,” written by Bruce Rubin, directed by Jerry Zucker and starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg.

Bob and Carl’s Finer Foods, located in Hillsboro, advertised multiple products, including an 18-ounce jar of peanut butter for $1.79 and 10 trash bags for $1.39.

This week in 2015, The Times-Gazette reported that the Candle-lite Company in Leesburg announced that it planned to make a “major” investment in the facility, adding new production equipment, facility improvements and 50 new full-time jobs.

Fifty-three Hillsboro FFA members were in attendance at the 88th National FFA Convention and Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, and the members stopped at places such as annual Buckeye Bash, the Louisville Slugger Museum and Kentucky State University.

In sports, the Fairfield cross country team finished in eighth place at the Division III state meet, as the top finisher for the team was Matthew Mangus with a time of 16:46:9 and in 42nd place.

Star Cinemas, located at 211 Harry Sauner Rd., advertised multiple films including “Bridge of Spies,” starring Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance, and “Spectre,” starring Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux and Christoph Waltz.

Dish Network advertised its cable package, which included free premium channels like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime for three months, for a promotional price of as low as $19.99 per month for 12 months.

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