Woman’s club celebrating 100 years


The Hillsboro Woman’s Club has existed for 100 years and the group is celebrating the occasion with a tea at the Highland House Museum in Hillsboro on Sunday, Dec. 3, from 1-3 p.m.

“We’re inviting all the women and other women’s clubs and anyone who is interested to come help us celebrate,” said Virginia Purdy, the club’s president. “We’re looking forward to having the community help us celebrate by coming to the tea.”

Seventeen women met at the home of Anita Harsha on April 12, 1923, to organize the club. They elected Harsha as president, Ethel Cook as vice president, Marie McMullen as recording secretary, Bernice McVey as corresponding secretary and Lora Clark as treasurer.

“They met at their homes and they usually had a program,” said Purdy. “Back in that time, we didn’t have television, and we didn’t have radio, and we didn’t have all of this communication, so a lot of these woman’s clubs served as a way for women to broaden their education, and we have continued to this day to have guest speakers.”

She said the original function of the club is still relevant. “I think the purpose of the club today is to continue to learn about our community and things going on,” said Purdy. “There is an educational segment, an entertainment segment, and we offer fellowship.”

The group met at the private homes of its members until at least 1940. Instead of meeting in homes, the current group typically holds catered lunches at different locations eight times a year. “We offer fellowship and the opportunity to be presented with new ideas to think about,” said Purdy.

The group has gained five new members within the past year and is open to new members who must be sponsored by two active members. The club has 21 active members and seven associate members.

With Purdy serving as president, the two other current officers of the club are Rosemary Ryan as secretary and Betty Ann Walker as treasurer.

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