Church re-enacting a night in Bethlehem


A re-enactment of a night in Bethlehem with a life-sized nativity scene will be held at the Hillsboro Global Methodist Church at 135 E. Walnut St., Sunday, Dec. 10 from 5-7 p.m.

“It’s a family oriented event, and there will be a market space like Bethlehem where there will be craft items for children and families to do,” said Michelle Beery, who is coordinating the event. “It will be a gift that they make for their family, so there are woodcarvers tents and pottery and a bakery.”

Free family or group photos will be offered in front of the nativity scene.

“We want everyone to know the real story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus, and that it was predicted hundreds of years before he was born in the old testament,” said Beery. “We’re going to get a glimpse of Old Testam of visitors at the event. “The whole premise is that it was crowded in Bethlehem, so we’re hoping for a crowd to help us emulate that experience.”

Reach John Hackley at 937-402-2571.

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