Radio club holds annual dinner meeting


Highland Amateur Radio Association Club President Ken Lightner recently welcomed approximately 75 members and guests to the club’s annual meeting and Christmas Dinner Party at the Hillsboro Global Methodist Church.

After a catered meal, welcome and self-introductions, a moment of silence was observed for deceased members Denver Conley, Bob Hodson, Carol McFarland, Bill Maness and Jim Yoder who died during the year.

Club information officer John Levo recapped another successful year for the club. He noted that although the club still feels the effects of COVID, it was able to conduct and participate in many varied radio and community oriented activities throughout the year. Among the activities highlighted was participation in the annual American Radio Relay League’s emergency operating and preparedness training exercise called “Field Day”, setting up a portable emergency style station to promote Rocky Fork State Park during the Ohio State Parks on the Air operating event and was active in the National Weather Service’s SkyWarn amateur radio storm spotter reporting program.

Levo that the club was involved in the community with decorating veterans’ graves at the Hillsboro Cemetery for Memorial Day and provided the city of Hillsboro with communications and line-up assistance for the annual Christmas parade. He noted the club held several Federal Communications Commission test sessions that resulted in a number of new amateur licenses issued in the area. Assistance was given to a Cincinnati area amateur radio club with the HARA license examination team conducting a test session during a major event held by that club.

In May several members traveled to Xenia to man a radio and flea market booth during the world’s largest gathering of amateur radio operators and also provide a team of license examiners who gave over 300 tests to people wanting to earn a ham radio license. Levo’s report concluded with several members receiving certificates of appreciation for things benefiting the club and the community throughout the year.

Levo introduced special guests Scott Yonally and Roy Hook, who were just elected as the Great Lakes Division manager and the GLD vice director for the American Radio Relay League. Yonally, who traveled to Hillsboro from the Mansfield area, commended the club for being one of the leading clubs in the state and the nation and one other clubs inspire to be like. Although Hook lives in Delaware County, he called attention to being a native of neighboring Clinton County and thanked the club for its support and said he is looking forward to serving the amateur radio community.

Nominating committee chairman Lee Bishop announced the election of Ken Lightner as president, John Willis as vice president and Kathy Levo as secretary-treasurer. Former HARA President Jeff Collins will join the executive committee as a three-year trustee. Other trustees are Tom Archibald and Dan Carruthers.

Following the program a gift exchange was held and door prizes awarded to those attending.

Since its 1977 founding by 20 amateurs, HARA today has 120 members and is one of the largest amateur radio clubs in Ohio. Although membership does not require an FCC issued amateur radio license, most hold some level of amateur or commercial license. Presently the FCC data base lists more than 200 amateur radio licenses issued to Highland County residents with 116 held by Hillsboro residents.

Information about amateur radio and how individuals, governmental bodies and communities benefit from its service during emergencies, its STEM benefits for students plus how it is an enjoyable and educational hobby can be obtained by visiting the American Radio Relay League’s website. Those wishing information about the local Highland Amateur Radio Association, its license classes and test sessions as well as community involvement may contact the club at [email protected], visit the club’s Facebook page or contact Levo at 937-393-4951.

Submitted by Joh Levo, Highland Amateur Radio Association.

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