County planning road projects


Multiple new and continuing road projects are planned for this upcoming construction season, according to Highland County Engineer Christopher Fauber.

He said one of those projects is the continuation of work done previously on New Market Road and continuing onto another section of the road. He said it is an Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) project that the county got a matching grant for.

Fauber said the project will take several years. He said he would like the project to go “all the way across the whole county” into Prospect Road. He said the county has already done Section A, which was repaired by a solar farm, and is doing Section B. He also said the county did Section C last year and hopes to do Section D, which is east of U.S. Route 62, and then continue across the county.

For other projects, he said he hopes that work will be started on the Kibler Road bridge this year. He said the county got a grant for it and it will be 100 percent paid for.

He also said the county will put some new beams on bridges on Line and Chestnut roads.

A countywide chip and seal program will continue as well. Fauber said it is done every year. He said the work is done by oil being put down first and then number eight stone on top of it. After that, they roll it and sweep off any of the loose stuff that doesn’t bond with the oil. He said it “basically’ adds a wearing surface.

For all of the work the county is doing as well as other work like mowing, he urged drivers to be careful.

“There will be sometimes where the roads will be closed temporarily,” Fauber said. “We may have flaggers out and we ask them to slow down, watch out for those guys. You know, move over if we ask you to. And, of course, we have mower tractors that’ll be out all summer. We have four of those running. So, look out for those and try to be cautious as you’re moving around those. Just give them space and be patient with us as we work our projects so that we can make it safer.”

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