Four rescued from Paint Creek’s high water


Two adults and two juveniles who were swept away by high waters Saturday in Paint Creek in Greenfield were rescued safely by six members of the Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District and two officers from the Greenfield Police Department.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. in the creek near Felson Park.

“There were two juveniles that were kind of wading in the water and got swept out into the current,” said Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District Chief Dave Manning. “There were two adults that attempted to assist them that were also swept out into the current.”

The two juveniles were females ages 13 and 15. The two adults were males ages 50 and 52. No other details about those rescued were available.

“The Greenfield Police Department was on the scene and our units with the assistance of the Greenfield Police Department were able to throw bags with life vests and were able to get them out of the water,” said Manning. “I believe they got swept out into probably an eddy.”

Sgt. Jay Beatty of the Greenfield Police Department said all four of the individuals needed rescuing. “They were able to extract the adults first and then the juveniles second,” said Beatty. “From what I understand it was a pretty rough one, but everyone went safely. There were no injuries from what I understand. They used rope tie-ons to get them and extract them from the water.”

A Facebook post from the Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District said, “This is a reminder to never enter swift water. The current can easily pull you into the water and carry you downstream before help can arrive.”

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