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Herb Day Contributing columnist

Herb Day Contributing columnist

Last week I wrote about just a few of my favorite television shows down through the ages — those shows which seemed to brand a place in my being. Those programs that stood out so much in my mind. As a result, several events took place which I thought you might enjoy hearing about.

One of the joys of writing this column each week is the feedback that it brings – good and bad. After all, like you, I don’t always enjoy the criticism, but (this hurts to say) I need it. It helps me to be better. And like you, I enjoy the accolades, and the participation in the weekly topics. With that in mind, I thought I would share some of your comments regarding your favorite television programs from years gone by.

Dave from Lebanon wrote, “Good article. Nostalgic. We enjoyed a lot of the same old TV programs of bygone years. I don’t think you mentioned what was perhaps my all-time favorite TV program of several decades ago, “All in the Family.” I’ve always tried to model myself after my hero, Archie Bunker.”

Ernie commented, “Herb, all the shows that you mentioned are the shows that I grew up with and would watch again if they were on TV. As a kid, I remember sitting in front of the television on Saturday mornings watching all those great cartoons and watching all those other great shows during the week. I often think back to those times as a child and wonder just why this world couldn’t be like it was back then. Thanks for sharing your memories of times past.”

Dolittle responded, “Herb we watched those, and we weren’t kids. A lot of them my hubby still watches on my TV. Have a great day. On TV nowadays the movies and cartoons and so called sitcoms would of got a slap across the mouth if we used it.”

As I looked back at the television programs, sitcoms and cartoons, I noticed that the humor didn’t have to be filled with profanity to be funny. Much of the humor, in fact, was delivered by means of an expression such as a look, an action or even a hesitation. Perhaps that is what makes a truly great actor.

Thank you all for your comments, both written and in person.

Another very pleasant event triggered by last week’s column begins with the fact that each week before submitting my writings, I ask one of my most faithful critics and confidants to proofread my column. And, each week my wife reads, usually finds my grammatical mistakes, and acts as my back up spell check. Last week she performed those duties faithfully, and retreated, as usual without another comment.

A couple of days later, packages began arriving at our door and because Patty will often order items for the grandchildren that arrive in the mail, I never gave it a second thought until she asked me to open the packages for her. I did, and much to my surprise were DVD packages with many of the old television programs I mentioned here last week. “Mannix,” “The Rockford Files,” “Cannon,” “Carol Burnette,” “Johnny Carson,” “The Best of the Dean Martin Show” and on and on. I was blown away!

Not only had she proofread my column, she had made notes and went online and ordered most of what I had written about. Now that is the power of the pen, my friend. So I began thinking, now that I know she really pays attention to what I write, if all I have to do is put it in print, and she makes it happen, my next topic has to be all those gorgeous $100 bills I saw the US Treasury have printed recently, and follow that with a discussion of some of my favorite currency denominations. Perhaps. Oh, that might be a stretch. Maybe I shouldn’t push my luck.

However, always being one to “raise the bar” for other guys to achieve with their ladies, since Valentine’s Day is this week I thought that rather than buying my wife a Valentine’s card and some flowers, I would just take her to the card and floral shop and let her read all the cards and smell all the flowers. I’ll let you know what hospital room I’m in next week.

Herb Day is a longtime local radio personality and singer-musician. You can email him at [email protected] and follow his work at

Herb Day Contributing columnist Day Contributing columnist