Do you choose life or death?

The next election will not be about Democrats or Republicans. It will be about YOU, the voter.

At the ballot box, you will make an important decision. Now remember, every man is right in his own eyes, but it is God who is grading the papers. Do you believe in the sanctity of human life? Do you believe that God made man in His own image, or that as the Bible says, God forms the child in the mother’s womb, and knows each of his days before he lives even one of them? Do you believe that God has plans and a purpose for each one?

Our amazing God knows each of our thoughts before we think them. Do you believe that is OK with God if the life He has so carefully formed is torn from the womb, murdered and tossed into the garbage, or as is most likely the case, sold for body parts by Planned Parenthood?

Do you think that God will judge you as a murderer if you vote that this is an act that should be allowed? Yes, God gave you a free will, but He will hold you responsible for your choices.

One political party sanctimoniously claims that they will elevate the quality of life for all “poor children” and decries the fact that so many of them live in poverty. This same party believes that these “poor children” may be disposed of if the mother should choose to abort or “murder” them before or even just after birth. Such false piety will be judged by a holy God.

If this issue were the only one on the ballot, it would be sufficient to guide my hand at the ballot box, for the ones who can justify such a barbaric act as a “woman’s choice” do not have the moral authority nor the discretion to make wise decisions in other situations.

Glenna Walters