Thanks to HDH and FRS

To the editor:

I recently had the occasion to visit the ER at Highland District Hospital. My husband had an issue that had to be addressed.

The staff was more than reassuring. The nursing and ER doctor were so helpful to us — very professional care and helped me to be reassured.

We are in the section of the population considered elderly. As a result we were very concerned about Covid. Everyone was very considerate about us being at ease. I had no way home and they called FRS, which came quickly. And the driver was so nice.

I also want to say thank you to the upper floor staff and Dr. Wetherington for the excellent care. I did not have time to have breakfast and the ER kindly provided me something to eat as I am diabetic and certainly didn’t want to leave my husband.

Our health workers and FRS deserve any and all consideration we can give them. Every single person we had contact with was over and above caring and helpful. I cannot say enough about the care provided. So I say again, thank you all and God bless.


Marti Smith