Woman sentenced to 62 days in jail


A Winchester woman appearing Monday on a bench warrant in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Monday was found guilty of a probation violation and sentenced to 62 days in jail.

Court records show that Zandra Storms, 23, has past convictions for two counts of first-degree misdemeanor possession of criminal tools, one count of second-degree misdemeanor possession of drug abuse instruments, and one count of fourth-degree misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

The warrant Storms appeared on Monday was issued on her drug abuse case, according to records.

She pled guilty to the charge in 2012, records show. At that time, a 90-day jail sentence and a $750 fine were both suspended. She was placed on reporting probation and ordered to obtain counseling at FRS.

Records add that a total of six warrants have been issued for Storms’ arrest since she was convicted. Records also say Storms has been held on bond, been placed on house arrest, and been ordered to perform community service. Jail time has also been imposed on a criminal tools conviction, and Storms was given the opportunity to complete the day-reporting program in 2013.

Last February, Storms was found guilty of a probation violation and a jail sentence was imposed, records show. She could be furloughed with a negative drug screen.

The following day, that possible furlough was cancelled “due to allegations of tampering with evidence of the drug screen,” records state.

Storms was later furloughed in March. Records also indicate that she was in the Georgie Harris House in January of this year.

Following a review hearing in May, a second review was set for this month. A warrant was issued for Storms’ arrest after she failed to appear for that hearing.

On Monday, Storms was found guilty of a probation violation, and “all days left on (the) shelf (were) imposed,” records state. That time began Saturday. Storms is serving a total of 62 days in jail.

Rodney Ferguson Jr., 26, Hillsboro, also appeared on a bench warrant.

According to records, Ferguson was found guilty of third-degree misdemeanor reckless operation last year. All but three days of a 60-day jail sentence were suspended, with credit given toward time in a driver intervention program. Ferguson was also ordered to complete counseling at FRS and to pay a $500 fine.

Records show that Ferguson has since been held on bond and has been resentenced on his conviction. An additional two years were added to a driver’s license suspension.

Earlier this month an affidavit was filed by the probation department and a warrant was issued for Ferguson’s arrest. When Ferguson appeared on that warrant he received an order to report to the probation department for weekly drug screens. Last week, another warrant was issued after Ferguson allegedly failed to comply with the probation department.

On Monday, Ferguson appeared on that warrant and “admitted” to a probation violation, according to records. A 26-day jail sentence began Sunday. Records state that this time “will complete (Ferguson’s) suspended sentence.”

Also on Friday, Brandon Powell, 23, Blanchester, saw a previous furlough revoked. He appeared for a review hearing on a first-degree misdemeanor theft conviction from earlier this year. Records show that Powell pled guilty to the charge. Seventy-five days of a 90-day jail sentence were suspended. Powell could be furloughed with a negative drug screen.

Powell was ordered to complete 50 hours of community service. A $500 fine was suspended. After his furlough was revoked on Monday, Powell began serving a 14-day jail sentence.

In other cases, two defendants arrested on warrants were arraigned and placed on $2,500 bonds.

Benjamin McGraw, 54, Greenfield, is charged with two first-degree misdemeanors for aggravated trespassing and aggravated menacing, as well as a fourth-degree misdemeanor for menacing.

Pretrials are set for next month, records show. While McGraw’s case is pending, he is to have no contact with alleged victims and must observe a curfew. He is prohibited from driving.

Lindsai Camp, 29, Loveland, is charged with theft and possession of drug abuse instruments.

Her pretrial is also set for next month. If Camp posts her $2,500 bond, she must stay away from Walmart and observe a curfew. She is also prohibited from driving.

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